Bruce Pfohl, MD


Professor of Psychiatry
Professor of Biostatistics

Contact Information

Office: 8960 John Pappajohn Pavilion
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-356-1350



BA, Graceland College, Lamoni, IA
MD, University of Iowa College of Medicine, Iowa City, IA
MS, Preventative Medicine, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Residency, Psychiatry, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Iowa City, IA

Licensure and Certifications

Psychiatry certification, American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology
Medical License, Iowa Board of Medicine

Selected Publications

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Black D, Pfohl B, Blum N, McCormick B, Allen J, North C, Phillips K, Robins C, Siever L, Silk K, Williams J, Zimmerman M.  Attitudes Toward Borderline Personality Disorder: A Survey of 706 Mental Health Clinicians.  CNS Spectr.  2011. 16(3):67-74.

Shanks C, Pfohl B, Blum N, Black D.  Can negative attitudes toward patients with borderline personality disorder be changed? The effect of attending a STEPPS workshop.  J Pers Disord.  2011. 25(6):806-12.

Pfohl B, Blum N, St. John D, McCormick B, Allen J, Black D.  Reliability and validity of the Borderline Evaluation of Severity Over Time (BEST): a self-rated scale to measure severity and change in persons with borderline personality disorder.  J Pers Disord.  2009. 23(3):281-93.

Blum N, St. John D, Pfohl B, Stuart S, McCormick B, Allen J, Arndt S, Black D.  Systems Training for Emotional Predictability and Problem Solving (STEPPS) for outpatients with borderline personality disorder: a randomized controlled trial and 1-year follow-up.  Am J Psychiatry.  2008. 165(4):468-78.

McCormick B, Blum N, Hansel R, Franklin J, St. John D, Pfohl B, Allen J, Black D.  Relationship of sex to symptom severity, psychiatric comorbidity, and health care utilization in 163 subjects with borderline personality disorder.  Compr Psychiatry.  2007. 48(5):406-12.

Black D, Blum N, Pfohl B, Hale N.  Suicidal behavior in borderline personality disorder: prevalence, risk factors, prediction, and prevention.  J Pers Disord.  2004 June. 18(3):226-39.

Skodol A, Gunderson J, Pfohl B, Widiger T, Livesley W, Siever L.  The borderline diagnosis I: psychopathology, comorbidity, and personality structure.  Biol Psychiatry.  2002 June 15. 51(12):936-50.

Skodol A, Siever L, Livesley W, Gunderson J, Pfohl B, Widiger T.  The borderline diagnosis II: biology, genetics, and clinical course.  Biol Psychiatry.  2002 June 15. 51(12):951-63.

Stuart S, Pfohl B, Battaglia M, Bellodi L, Grove W, Cadoret R.  The cooccurrence of DSM-III-R personality disorders.  J Pers Disord.  1998. 12(4):302-15.

Wallace J, Pfohl B.  Age-related differences in the symptomatic expression of major depression.  J Nerv Ment Dis.  1995 February. 183(2):99-102.

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