Delwyn D. Miller, MD


Professor of Psychiatry

Contact Information

Office: 1-291 Medical Education Building
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-353-4506

Web: UIHC Profile Page


BS, Pharmacy, University of Iowa College of Pharmacy, Iowa City, IA
PharmD, Pharmacy, University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy, Lexington, KY
MD, Medicine, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, OH

Residency, Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy, University of Kentucky Hospitals and Clinics
Residency, Psychiatry, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Department of Psychiatry, Iowa City, IA
Fellowship, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, Iowa City, IA
Fellowship, Schizophrenia, Mental Health Clinical Research Center for the Study of Schizophrenia, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Iowa City, IA
Post Doctorate, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, Iowa City, IA

Licensure and Certifications

Psychiatry certification, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Selected Publications

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Buckley P, Schooler N, Goff D, Hsiao J, Kopelwicz A, Lauriello J, Manschreck T, Mendelowitz A, Miller D, Severe J, Wilson D, Ames D, Bustillo J, Mintz J, Kane J,  .  Comparison of SGA Oral Medications and a Long-Acting Injectable SGA: The PROACTIVE Study.  Schizophrenia Bulletin.  2014 May 27. 

Caroff S, Davis V, Miller D, Davis S, Rosenheck R, McEvoy J, Saltz B, Riggio S, Chakos M, Swartz M, Keefe R, Stroup T, Liberman J.  Treatment outcomes of patients with tardive dyskinesia and chronic schizophrenia.  The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.  2011 March. 72(3):295-303.

Bishop J, Miller D, Ellingrod V, Holman T.  Association between type-three metabotropic glutamate receptor gene (GRM3) variants and symptom presentation in treatment refractory schizophrenia.  Human Psychopharmacology.  2011 January. 26(1):28-34.

Andreasen N, Pressler M, Nopoulos P, Miller D, Kane J.  Antipsychotic Dose-Years: A Quantitative Method for Measuring Dose Equivalents and Cumulative Drug Exposure.  Biological Psychiatry.  2010 February. 67(3):255-262.

Aberg K, Adkins D, Buksza J, Webb B, Caroff S, Miller D, Perkins D, Sebat J, Stroup T, Vladimirov V, McClay J, Liberman J, Sullivan P, Van den Oord .  Genome-wide association study of movement-related adverse drug effects in schizophrenic patients.  Biological Psychiatry.  2010. 67(3):279-282.

Tsai H, Caroff S, Miller D, McEvoy J, North K, Stroup T, Sullivan P.  A candidate gene study of Tardive dyskinesia in the CATIE schizophrenia trial.  American Journal of Medical Genetics.  2010 January. 153B(1):336-40.

Miller D, Caroff S, Davis S, Rosenheck R, McEvoy J, Saltz B, Riggio S, Chakos M, Swartz M, Keefe R, Stroup S, Liberman J.  Extrapyramidal side-effects of antipsychotics in a randomized trial.  The British Journal of Psychiatry .  2008 October. 193(4):279-88.

Miller D, Eudicone J, Pikalov A, Vester-Blokland  E, Kim E.  Comparative assessment of the incidence and severity of tardive dyskinesia in patients receiving aripiprazole or haloperidol for the treatment of schizophrenia: A post hoc analysis.  The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.  2007 December. 68(12):1901-1906.

Miller D, McEvoy J, Davis S, Caroff S, Saltz B.  Clinical correlates of tardive dyskinesia in schizophrenia: baseline data from the CATIE schizophrenia trial.  Schizophrenia Research.  2005 December. 80(1):33-43.

Miller D, Ellingrod V, Holman T, Buckley P, Arndt S.  Clozapine-induced weight gain associated with the 5HT2C receptor -759C/T polymorphism.  American Journal of Medical Genetics.  2005 February. 133B(1):97-100.

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