Stephan Arndt, PhD


Professor of Psychiatry
Professor of Biostatistics

Contact Information

Phone: 319-335-4921

Web: Iowa Consortium for Substance Abuse Research and Evaluation


BS, Psychology, Loyola University of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
MA, Psychology, Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, CA
PhD, Psychology, Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, CA

Fellowship, Biostatistics and Mental Retardation, University of California, Los Angeles, CA

Selected Publications

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Arndt S, Acion L, White K.  How the states stack up: Disparities in substance abuse outpatient treatment completion rates for minorities.  Drug and Alcohol Dependence.  2013 October. 132(3):547-54.

Arndt S, Acion L, Caspers K, Blood P.  How Reliable Are County and Regional Health Rankings?.  Prevention Science.  2013 February. 

Acion L, Ramirez M, Jorge R, Arndt S.  Increased risk of alcohol and drug use among children from deployed military families.  Addiction.  2013 February. 

McCabe J, Arndt S.  Demographic and substance abuse trends among pregnant and non-pregnant women: eleven years of treatment admission data.  Maternal and Child Health Journal.  2012 November. 16(8):1696-702.

Gara M, Vega W, Arndt S, Escamilla M, Fleck D, Lawson W, Lesser I, Neighbors H, Wilson D.  Influence of patient race and ethnicity on clinical assessment in patients with affective disorders.  Archives of General Psychiatry.  2012 June. 69(6):593-600.

Segre L, McCabe J, Stasik S, O'Hara M, Arndt S.  Implementation of an evidence-based depression treatment into social service settings: the relative importance of acceptability and contextual factors.  Administration and Policy in Mental Health.  2012 May. 39(3):180-6.

Arndt S, Clayton R, Schultz S.  Trends in substance abuse treatment 1998-2008: increasing older adult first-time admissions for illicit drugs.  The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.  2011 August. 19(8):704-11.

Arndt S, Acion L, Caspers K, Diallo O.  Assessing community variation and randomness in public health indicators.  Population Health Metrics.  2011. 9(1):3.

Segre L, O'Hara M, Arndt S, Beck C.  Screening and counseling for postpartum depression by nurses: the women's views.  MCN. The American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing.  2010 September. 35(5):280-5.

Strakowski S, Fleck D, DelBello M, Adler C, Shear P, Kotwal R, Arndt S.  Impulsivity across the course of bipolar disorder.  Bipolar Disorders.  2010 May. 12(3):285-97.

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