Leslie A. Bruch, MD


Clinical Professor of Pathology  - Anatomic Pathology
Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery

Contact Information

Primary Office: 5244D Roy Carver Pavilion
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-384-8871



BS, University of Iowa
MD, University of Iowa College of Medicine

Internship, St Joseph Mercy Hospital
Residency, Neurology, University of Michigan Hospitals
Residency, Anatomic Pathology, University of Michigan Hospitals
Fellowship, Neuropathology, Barnes Jewish Hospital/Washington University School of Medicine

Licensure and Certifications

Neuropathology, American Board of Pathology
State of Nebraska Medical License, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Anatomic Pathology, American Board of Pathology

Research Summary

I am interested in diagnostic neuropathology, including neoplastic and non-neoplastic disease. Special interest in brain tumors and the application of immunohistochemistry and molecular techniques in the diagnosis, classification and epidemiology of brain tumors. I am also interested in medical education at all levels of training, with particular interest in graduate medical education and developing new and innovative methods of training the next generation of physicians.

All Publications

Jerath N, Reddy C, Moritani T, Bruch L, Holman C, Gutmann L.  Clinical Reasoning: A 47-year-old woman with left shoulder pain after a fall.  Neurology.  2014 September 9. 83(11):e112-6.

Bruch L, Mundy S, Shen J, Hauser N.  Novel Homozygous Cofilin-2 (CFL2) Mutation Causing a Congenital Form of Nemaline Myopathy with Filamentous Inclusions.  American Association of Neuropathologists Meeting.  2014 June 13. 

Mundy S, Bruch L, Hauser N, Shen J.  Novel homozygous CFL2 mutation causing a congenital form of nemaline myopathy.  Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting.  2014 March. 

Albert G, Wassef S, Dahdaleh N, Lindley T, Bruch L, Hitchon P.  Intracranial glioblastoma with drop metastases to the spine after stereotactic biopsy.  J Neurol Surg A Cent Eur Neurosurg.  2013 December. 74(suppl 1):e221-4.

Bridge J, Liu X, Sumegi J, Nelson M, Reyes C, Bruch L, Rosenblum M, Puccioni M, Bowdino B, McComb R.  Identification of a Novel, Recurrent SLC44A1-PRKCA Fusion in Papillary Glioneuronal Tumor.  Brain pathology (Zurich, Switzerland).  2013 March. 23(2):121-8.

Smucker J, Ramme A, LeBlond R, Bruch L, Bakhshandehpour G.  Hypertrophic spinal pachymeningitis with thoracic myelopathy: the initial presentation of ANCA-related systemic vasculitis.  Journal of spinal disorders & techniques.  2011 December. 24(8):525-32.

Liu W, Kung D, Bruch L, Howard M, Hasan D, Policeni B.  Cerebellar dural arteriovenous fistula mimicking a hypervascular tumor on MR imaging.  American Society of Neuroradiology Annual Meeting.  2011 June. 

Ismail A, Bruch L, Moritani T, Capizzano A.  Lymphomartosis cerebri: A rare imaging presentation of central nervous system lymphoma.  American Society of Neuroradiology Annual Meeting.  2011 June. 

McComb R, Bruch L, Reyes C, Puccioni M, Bridge J.  Novel Translocation t)9;17) (q32;q24) in a glioneuronal tumor.  United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology Annual Meeting.  2010 March. 

Bruch L, Deyoung B, Kreiter C, Haugen T, Leaven T, DEE F.  Competency assessment of residents in surgical pathology using virtual microscopy.  Human pathology.  2009 August. 40(8):1122-8.

Ahmed R, Morris A, Jacob A, Bruch L, Buatti J, Hitchon P.  Management and treatment outcomes for spinal chordomas: A case series review.  Congress of Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting.  2008 September. 

Velderman P, Bruch L, Lawry G.  Dermatomyositis: A unique case and a review of the disease.  J Musculoskel Med.  2008. 25:315-420, 444.

Park D, Murman D, Perry K, Bruch L.  An autopsy case of limbic encephalitis with voltage-gated potassium channel antibodies.  European journal of neurology: the official journal of the European Federation of Neurological Societies.  2007 October. 14(10):e5-6.

Vanderheyden D, Bruch L, Deyoung B.  The EGFR/PI3K/PTEN/AKT pathway in glioblastoma multiforme: Increased PI3K immunohistochemical expression correlates with decreased survival.  Mod Pathol.  2007. 20:302A.

Ghorpade A, Bruch L, Persidsky Y, Chin B, Brown W, Borgmann K, Persidsky R, Wu L, Holter S, Cotter R, Faraci J, Heilman D, Meyer V, Potter J, Swindells S, Gendelman H.  Development of a rapid autopsy program for studies of brain immunity.  Journal of Neuroimmunology.  2005 June. 163(2-Jan):135-44.

Crain B, Alston S, Bruch L, Hamilton R, McLendon R, Rhodes C, Tihan T, Weidenheim K.  Accreditation council for graduate medical education (ACGME) competencies in neuropathology training.  Journal of neuropathology and experimental neurology.  2005 April. 64(4):273-9.

Bridge R, Bridge J, Neff J, Naumann S, Althof P, Bruch L.  Recurrent chromosomal imbalances and structurally abnormal breakpoints within complex karyotypes of malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour and malignant triton tumour: a cytogenetic and molecular cytogenetic study.  J Clin Pathol.  2004 November. 57(11):1172-8.

Lacy N, Bruch L, Newland M, Lough D.  Faculty as educators: A needs assessment for faculty development of teaching skills.  Central Group on Educational Affairs (CGEA) Meeting.  2004 March. 

Bruch L, Bridge R, Neff J, naumann S, Althof P, Bridge J.  Recurrent chromosomal imbalances and structurally abnormal breakpoints within complex karyotypes of malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor and malignant triton tumor: A cytogenetic and molecular cytogenetic study.  United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology Annual Meeting.  2004 March. 

Lacy N, Bruch L, Newland M, Lough D.  What development do faculty think they need?.  Innovations in Medical Education (IME) Exhibit, AAMC Annual Meeting.  2003 November. 

Ghorpade A, Swindells S, Persidsky Y, Borgmann K, Persidsky R, Holter S, Cotter R, Carlson K, McComb R, Bruch L, Gendelman H.  Successful rapid autopsy isolation of human microglia from a patient with HIV-1 encephalitis: Identfiication of immune dysfunction in brain cells during disease.  International AIDS Congress.  2002 July. 

Sajini M, Mrak R, Perry A, Bruch L, Cai D, Parrish R, Spencer T, Palmer C, Fratkin J, Husain M, Gokden M.  Interobserver variability in meningioma grading.  J Neuropathol Exp Neurol.  2002. 61:483.

Bridge R, Neff J, Bridge J, Zhou M, Krallman P, Naumann S, Bruch L.  Cytogenetic and molecular genetic findings in malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor.  UNMC Undergraduate Research Colloquium.  2001 August. 

Rivet D, Bruch L, Lee B, Park T.  A seven-week-old infant with fever, CSF pleocytosis and intraspinal mass.  Pediatric neurosurgery.  2001 July. 35(1):53-5.

Bruch L, Jefferson R, Pike M, Gould S, Squier W.  Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection, meningoencephalitis, and hemophagocytosis.  Pediatric neurology.  2001 July. 25(1):67-70.

Bruch L, Hill D, Cai D, Levy B, Dehner L, Perry A.  A role for fluorescence in situ hybridization detection of chromosome 22q dosage in distinguishing atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumors from medulloblastoma/central primitive neuroectodermal tumors.  Human pathology.  2001 February. 32(2):156-62.

Kluin K, Gilman S, Foster N, Sima A, D'Amato C, Bruch L, Bluemlein L, Little R, Johanns J.  Neuropathological correlates of dysarthria in progressive supranuclear palsy.  Archives of neurology.  2001 February. 58(2):265-9.

Fuller C, Pfeifer J, Humphrey P, Bruch L, Dehner L, Perry A.  Chromosome 22q dosage in composite extrarenal rhabdoid tumors: clonal evolution or a phenotypic mimic?.  Human Pathol.  2001. 32:1102-1108.

Fuller C, Pfeifer J, Humphrey P, Bruch L, Dehner L, Perry A.  INI1 gene abnormalities in composite extrarenal rhabdoid tumors: Clonal evolution or a phenotypic mimic.  Mod Pathol.  2001. 14:213A.

Bruch L, Schmidt R.  Pathology of the autojnomic nervous system.  Elsevier, Amsterdam.  2000. 75:1-52.

Bruch L, Hill D, Dehner L, Perry A.  A role of FISH detection of chromosome 22q dosage in distinguishing atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumors from central nervous system PNET/medulloblastomas.  Neuro-Oncology.  1999. 1:301.

Schmidt R, Dorsey D, Beaudet L, Plurad S, Parvin C, Bruch L.  Vacuolar neuritic dystrophy in aged mouse superior cervical sympathetic ganglia is strain-specific.  Brain Research.  1998 September. 806(2):141-51.

Bruch L, Flint A, Hirschl R.  Pulmonary pathology of patients treated with partial liquid ventilation.  Modern pathology: an official journal of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, Inc.  1997 May. 10(5):463-8.

Kluin K, Gilman S, Foster N, Sima A, D'Amato C, Bruch L, Bluemlein L, Little R, Johanns J.  Degeneration of substantia nigra pars compacta contributes to the dysarthria of PSP.  Neurol.  1997. 48:A97.

Bruch L, Blaivas M, Parisi J.  Primary cerebral angiitis with selective permeability and serum protein extravasation.  J Neuropathol Exp Neurol.  1997. 56:577.

Foster N, Sima A, D'Amato C, Bruch L, Kluin K, Bluemlein L, Little R, Johanns J, Gilman S.  Cerebral cortical pathology in progressive supranuclear palsy is correlated with severity of dementia.  Neurol.  1996. 46:A363.

Bruch L, Flint A, Hirschl R.  Pulmonary pathology of patients treatedwith perfluorocarbon partial liquid ventilation.  Mod Pathol.  1996. 9:154A.

Bruch L, Schwartz D, Galvin J, Helmers R, Dayton C, HUNNINGHAKE G.  Anatomic determinants of airflow obstruction in sarcoidosis.  Am Rev Resp Dis.  1992. 145:A192.

Loven D, Schedl H, Oberley L, Wilson H, Bruch L, Niehaus C.  Superoxide dismutase activity in the intestine of the streptozotocin-diabetic rat.  Endocrinology.  1982 September. 111(3):737-42.

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