Ophthalmology And Visual Sciences

Budd A. Tucker, PhD


Stephen A. Wynn Professor in Regenerative Ophthalmology
Associate Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Contact Information

Primary Office: 4111  MERF
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-353-4488

Email: budd-tucker@uiowa.edu
Web: Tucker Stem Cell Laboratory


BA, Biology, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, Memorial University of Newfoundland
PhD, Neuroscience, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Fellowship, Ophthalmology , Harvard Medical School

Education/Training Program Affiliations

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Molecular and Cellular Biology
Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Neuroscience
Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Translational Biomedicine

Research Summary

During my career I have had extensive experience and published several manuscripts/scientific abstracts relating to stem cell production, culture, isolation, differentiation and transplantation (via both cell injection and polymer scaffold mediated delivery).

Selected Publications

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Yao J, Ko C, Baranov P, Regatieri C, Redenti S, Tucker B, Mighty J, Tao S, Young M.  Enhanced differentiation and delivery of mouse retinal progenitor cells using a micropatterned biodegradable thin-film polycaprolactone scaffold.  Tissue engineering. Part A.  2015 April 1. 21(7-8):1247-60.

Whitmore S, Sohn E, Chirco K, Drack A, Stone E, Tucker B, Mullins R.  Complement activation and choriocapillaris loss in early AMD: implications for pathophysiology and therapy.  Progress in retinal and eye research.  2015 March 1. 45:1-29.

Wiley L, Burnight E, Songstad A, Drack A, Mullins R, Stone E, Tucker B.  Patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) for the study and treatment of retinal degenerative diseases.  Progress in retinal and eye research.  2015 January 1. 44:15-35.

Whitmore S, Wagner A, DeLuca A, Drack A, Stone E, Tucker B, Zeng S, Braun T, Mullins R, Scheetz T.  Transcriptomic analysis across nasal, temporal, and macular regions of human neural retina and RPE/choroid by RNA-Seq.  Experimental eye research.  2014 December 1. 129:93-106.

Ding Q, Zhu W, Cook A, Anfinson K, Tucker B, Kuehn M.  Induction of trabecular meshwork cells from induced pluripotent stem cells.  Investigative ophthalmology & visual science.  2014 October 8. 55(11):7065-72.

Tucker B, Mullins R, Stone E.  Stem cells for investigation and treatment of inherited retinal disease.  Human molecular genetics.  2014 September 15. 23(R1):R9-R16.

Tucker B, Solivan-Timpe F, Roos B, Anfinson K, Robin A, Wiley L, Mullins R, Fingert J.  Duplication of TBK1 Stimulates Autophagy in iPSC-derived Retinal Cells from a Patient with Normal Tension Glaucoma.  Journal of stem cell research & therapy.  2014 January 25. 3(5):161.

Burnight E, Wiley L, Drack A, Braun T, Anfinson K, Kaalberg E, Halder J, Affatigato L, Mullins R, Stone E, Tucker B.  CEP290 gene transfer rescues Leber congenital amaurosis cellular phenotype.  Gene Ther.  2014. 21(7):662-72.

Mullins R, Khanna A, Schoo D, Tucker B, Sohn E, Drack A, Stone E.  Is age-related macular degeneration a microvascular disease?.  Adv Med Biol.  2014. 801:283-9.

Sohn E, Flamme-Wiese M, Whitmore S, Wang K, Tucker B, Mullins R.  Loss of CD34 Expression in Aging Human Choriocapillaris Endothelial Cells.  PLoS One.  2014. 9(1):e86538.

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