Ophthalmology And Visual Sciences

Stephen R. Russell, MD


Service Director, Vitreoretinal Diseases and Surgery
Dina J Schrage Professor of Macular Degeneration Research
Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Contact Information

Primary Office: 11196I  PFP
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-356-4588

Email: steve-russell@uiowa.edu
Web: UI Clinical Profile


BS, Electrical Engineering and Biology , Stanford University
MD, UCLA School of Medicine

Internship, Medicine, Harbor - UCLA School of Medicine
Residency, Ophthalmology, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
Fellowship, Vitreoretinal Diseases and Surgery, University of Iowa

Licensure and Certifications

ABO Certification, American Board of Ophthalmology
State of Iowa Medical License, Iowa Board of Examiners
California Medical License, Medical Board of California

Center, Program and Institute Affiliations

Carver Family Center for Macular Degeneration
Stephen A. Wynn Institute for Vision Research

Selected Publications

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Mahajan V, Chin E, Tarantola R, Almeida D, Somani R, Boldt H, Folk J, Gehrs K, Russell S.  Macular Hole Closure With Internal Limiting Membrane Abrasion Technique.  JAMA ophthalmology.  2015 June 1. 133(6):635-41.

Almeida D, Chin E, Tarantola R, Folk J, Boldt H, Skeie J, Mullins R, Russell S, Mahajan V.  Effect of internal limiting membrane abrasion on retinal tissues in macular holes.  Investigative ophthalmology & visual science.  2015 May 1. 56(5):2783-9.

Almeida D, Chin E, Mears K, Russell S, Mahajan V.  Spontaneous dislocation of a fluocinolone acetonide implant (Retisert) into the anterior chamber and its successful extraction in sympathetic ophthalmia.  Retinal cases & brief reports.  2015 April 1. 9(2):142-4.

Almeida D, Zhang L, Chin E, Mullins R, Kucukevcilioglu M, Critser D, Sonka M, Stone E, Folk J, Abràmoff M, Russell S.  Comparison of retinal and choriocapillaris thicknesses following sitting to supine transition in healthy individuals and patients with age-related macular degeneration.  JAMA ophthalmology.  2015 March 1. 133(3):297-303.

Almeida D, Chin E, Rahim K, Folk J, Russell S.  Factors associated with spontaneous release of vitreomacular traction.  Retina (Philadelphia, Pa.).  2015 March 1. 35(3):492-7.

Almeida D, Chin E, Tarantola R, Tegins E, Lopez C, Boldt H, Gehrs K, Sohn E, Russell S, Folk J, Mahajan V.  Long-term outcomes in patients undergoing vitrectomy for retinal detachment due to viral retinitis.  Clinical ophthalmology (Auckland, N.Z.).  2015 January 1. 9:1307-14.

Chin E, Almeida D, Roybal C, Niles P, Gehrs K, Sohn E, Boldt H, Russell S, Folk J.  Oral mineralocorticoid antagonists for recalcitrant central serous chorioretinopathy.  Clinical ophthalmology (Auckland, N.Z.).  2015 January 1. 9:1449-56.

Zhang L, Sonka M, Folk J, Russell S, Abràmoff M.  Quantifying disrupted outer retinal-subretinal layer in SD-OCT images in choroidal neovascularization.  Investigative ophthalmology & visual science.  2014 April 11. 55(4):2329-35.

Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2 (AREDS2) Research Group , Chew E, Clemons T, Sangiovanni J, Danis R, Ferris, 3rd F, Elman M, Antoszyk A, Ruby A, Orth D, Bressler S, Fish G, Hubbard G, Klein M, Chandra S, Blodi B, Domalpally A, Friberg T, Wong W, Rosenfeld P, Agrón E, Toth C, Bernstein P, Sperduto R.  Secondary analyses of the effects of lutein/zeaxanthin on age-related macular degeneration progression: AREDS2 report No. 3.  JAMA ophthalmology.  2014 February 1. 132(2):142-9.

Comparison of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Treatments Trials (CATT Research Group) .  Incidence of choroidal neovascularization in the fellow eye in the comparison of age-related macular degeneration treatments trials.  Ophthalmology.  2013 October 1. 120(10):2035-41.

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