Obstetrics and Gynecology

Donghai Dai, MD, PhD


Research Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology  - Reproductive Science Research

Contact Information

Primary Office: 3234 MERF
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-384-1127

Email: donghai-dai@uiowa.edu


MD, Medicine, Shanghai Medical University
PhD, Endocrinology, Medical College of Georgia
MS, Bioinformatics, University of Iowa

Residency, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing, P.R. China
Residency, Chief Resident, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing, P.R. China
Post Doctorate, Cellular Biology and Anatomy, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia
Post Doctorate, Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, Colorado

All Publications

Salinas E, Dai D, Newtson A, McDonald M, Goodheart M, Leslie K, Gonzalez Bosquet J.  Pre-treatment Prediction Model in Endometrioid Andeocarcinoma of the Uterus Using Somatic Mutations.  Gynecol Onc.  2016 October. 143(1):215.

Salinas E, Dai D, Newtson A, Leslie K, Gonzalez Bosquet J.  Prediction Model for Presurgical Risk Assessment in Endometrial Cancer.  Gynecol Onc.  2016 October. 143(1):207-208.

Dai D, Thiel K, Salinas E, Goodheart M, Leslie K, Gonzalez Bosquet J.  Stratification of endometrioid endometrial cancer patients into risk levels using somatic mutations.  Gynecol Oncol.  2016 July. 142(1):150-7.

Reyes H, Carlson M, Devor E, Zhang Y, Thiel K, Samuelson M, McDonald M, Yang S, Stephan J, Savage E, Dai D, Goodheart M, Leslie K.  Downregulation of FOXO1 mRNA levels predicts treatment failure in patients with endometrial pathology conservatively managed with progestin-containing intrauterine devices.  Gynecol Oncol.  2016 January. 140(1):152-60.

Hovey A, Devor E, Breheny P, Mott S, Dai D, Thiel K, Leslie K.  miR-888: A Novel Cancer-Testis Antigen that Targets the Progesterone Receptor in Endometrial Cancer.  Translational Oncology.  2015 April. 8(2):85-96.

Brachova P, Mueting S, Carlson M, Goodheart M, Button A, Mott S, Dai D, Thiel K, Devor E, Leslie K.  Tp53 Oncomorphic Mutations Predict Resistance to Platinum and Taxanebased Standard Chemotherapy in Patients Diagnosed with Advanced Serous Ovarian Carcinoma.  Int J Oncol.  2015 February. 46(2):607-18.

Yang S, Jia Y, Liu X, Winters C, Wang X, Zhang Y, Devor E, Hovey A, Reyes H, Xiao X, Xu Y, Dai D, Meng X, Thiel K, Domann F, Leslie K.  Systematic dissection of the mechanisms underlying progesterone receptor downregulation in endometrial cancer [Epub ahead of print].  Oncotarget.  2014 October 30. 5(20):9783-97.

Petrie W, Dennis M, Hu C, Dai D, Arterburn J, Smith H, Hathaway H, Prossnitz E.  G Protein-coupled Estrogen Receptor-selective Ligands Modulate Endometrial Tumor Growth.  Obstet Gynecol Int.  2013 November 27. 

Leslie K, Thiel K, Reyes H, Yang S, Zhang Y, Carlson M, Kumar N, Dai D.  The Estrogen Receptor Joins other Cancer Biomarkers as a Predictor of Outcome.  Obstet Gynecol Int.  2013 October 7. 

Meng X, Laidler L, Kosmacek E, Yang S, Xiong Z, Zhu D, Wang X, Dai D, Zhang Y, Wang X, Brachova P, Albitar L, Liu D, Ianzini F, Mackey M, Leslie K.  Induction of mitotic cell death by overriding G2/M checkpoint in endometrial cancer cells with non-functional p53..  Gynecologic oncology.  2013 March. 128(3):461-9.

Howk C, Voller Z, Beck B, Dai D.  Genetic Diversity in Normal Cell Populations is the Earliest Stage of Oncogenesis Leading to Intra-Tumor Heterogeneity..  Frontiers in oncology.  2013. 3:61.

Zhang G, Beck B, Luo W, Wu F, Kingsmore S, Dai D.  Development of a phylogenetic tree model to investigate the role of genetic mutations in endometrial tumors.  Oncology Reports.  2011. 25:1447.

Davies S, Dai D, Pickett G, Thiel K, Korovkina  V, Leslie K.  Effects of bevacizumab in mouse model of endometrial cancer: defining the molecular basis for resistance.  Oncology Reports.  2011. 3:855.

Dai D, Beck B, Wang X, Howk C, Li Y.  Quantitative interpretation of a genetic model of carcinogenesis using computer simulations.  PLoS One.  2011. 6:e16859.

Dai D, Beck B, Zhang G, Luo W, Wu F, Kingsmore S.  Development of a phylogenetic tree model to investigate the role of individual mutations in a single patient tumor.  2010 April. 

Luo W, Wu F, Elmaoued R, Beck B, Fischer E, Meng X, Leslie K, Dai D.  Amifostine enhancement of the anti-cancer effects of paclitaxel in endometrial cancer is TP53-dependent.  Int J Oncology .  2010. 37:1187.

Luo W, Wu F, Atlas S, Pickett G, Leslie K, Dai D.  Defining genetic intra-tumor heterogeneity: a chronological annotation of mutational pathways.  Proc Obstet Gynecol.  2010. 1:9-23.

Beck B, Wang X, Howk C, Luo W, Dai D.  Development of a contra-indicatory biomarker to predict drug resistance and treatment failure.  2010. 

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Nayak T, Hathaway H, Ramesh C, Arterburn J, Dai D, Sklar L, Norenberg J, Prossnitz E.  Preclinical development of a neutral, estrogen receptor-targeted, tridentate 99mTc(I)-estradiol-pyridin-2-yl hydrazine derivative for imaging of breast and endometrial cancers.  J Nucl Med .  2008. 49:978-986S.

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Davies S, Dai D, Pickett G, Leslie K.  Genomic analysis identifies PRA/PRB as the most transcriptionally active progesterone receptor dimer in human poorly-differentiated Hec50co endometrial cancer cells.  The 52nd Annual Meeting of Society for Gynecologic Investigation.  2005 March. 

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Davies S, Dai D, Feldman  I, Pickett G, Leslie K.  Identification of a novel mechanism of NF-kB inactivation by progesterone through progesterone receptors in Hec50co poorly differentiated endometrial cancer cells: induction of A20 and ABIN-2.  Gynecol Oncol.  2004. 94:463.

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