Saul Wilson, MD


Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery

Contact Information

Office: 1828 JPP
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-356-2774


BS, Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MD, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center

Residency, Neurosurgery, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
Fellowship, Endovascular Neurosurgery/Interventional Neuroradiology, Semmes-Murphy Neurologic and Spine Institute
Fellowship, Pediatric Neurosurgery, James Whitcomb Riley Hospital for Children

Licensure and Certifications

All Publications

Safayi S, Miller J, Wilson S, Shivapour S, Oelfke T, Ford A, Klarmann Staudt A, Abode-Iyamah K, Reddy C, Jeffery N, Fredericks D, Gillies G, Howard III M.  Treadmill measures of ambulation rates in ovine models of spinal cord injury and neuropathic pain.  J Med Eng Technol.  2016 January 19. 

Safayi S, Jeffery N, Shivapour S, Zamanighomi M, Zylstra T, Bratsch-Prince J, Wilson S, Reddy C, Fredericks D, Gillies G, Howard 3rd M.  Kinematic analysis of the gait of adult sheep during treadmill locomotion: Parameter values, allowable total error, and potential for use in evaluating spinal cord injury.  J Neurol Sci.  2015 August 21. 

Park B, Abode-Iyamah K, Lee S, Kirby P, El-Khoury G, Wilson S.  Fibro-osseous lesion of the cranium in an adolescent patient.  Surg Neurol Int.  2015 January 22. 6(12).

Grosland N, Gillies G, Shurig R, Stoner K, Viljoen S, Dalm B, Oya H, Fredericks D, Gibson-Corley K, Reddy C, Wilson S, Howard III M.  Finite-Element Study of the Performance Characteristics of an Intradural Spinal Cord Stimulator .  J Med Dev.  2014 October 14. 8(4):041012.

Flouty O, Abode-Iyamah K, Ahmed R, Wilson S, Menezes A.  Junctional susceptibility of the pediatric spine: a case report.  Childs Nerv Syst.  2014 September 27. 

Safayi S, Jeffery N, Fredericks D, Viljoen S, Dalm B, Reddy C, Wilson S, Gillies G, Howard 3rd M.  Biomechanical performance of an ovine model of intradural spinal cord stimulation.  J Med Eng Technol.  2014 July. 38(5):269-73.

Nyarenchi O, Scherer A, Wilson S, Fulkerson D.  Cloacal Exstrophy with extensive Chiari II malformation: Case report and review of literature.  Childs Nerv Syst.  2014 February. 30(2):337-43.

Viljoen S, Smittkamp C, Dalm B, Wilson S, Reddy C, Gillies G, Howard M.  MR-Based Measurement of Spinal Cord Motion During Flexion of the Spine: Implications for Intradural Spinal Cord Stimulator Systems.  J Med Eng Technol.  2014 January. 38(1):1-4.

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Viljoen S, Smittkamp C, Dalm B, Wilson S, Reddy C, Gillies G, Howard III M.  MR-based measurement of spinal cord motion during flexion of the spine: implications for intradural spinal cord stimulator systems.  Proceedings of the ASNR 51st Annual Meeting Paper No. O-524.  2013. 

Viljoen S, Dalm B, Reddy C, Wilson S, Smittkamp C, Gillies G, Howard M.  Optimization of intradural spinal cord stimulator designs via analysis of thoracic spine imaging data.  J Med Biol Eng.  2013. 33(2):193-8.

Flouty O, Oya H, Kawasaki H, Wilson S, Reddy C, Jeffery N, Brennan T, Gibson-Corley K, Utz M, Gillies G, Howard M.  A new device concept for directly modulating spinal cord pathways: initial in vivo experimental results.  Physiol Meas.  2012 December. 33(12):2003-15.

Oya H, Reddy C, Dahdaleh N, Wilson S, Howard M, Jeffery N, Utz M, Gilles G.  Applier tool for intradural spinal cord implants.  J Med Eng Technol..  2012 April. 36(3):169-73.

Edwards J, Kulwin C, Martin S, Wilson S, Ho C, Fulkerson D.  Temporal and optic pathway pilomyxoid astrocytoma mimicking dural based lesion: case report and review of literature.  Pediatr Neurosug.  2012 March. 48(4):253-7.

Wilson S, Howard M, Rossen J, Brennan T, Dalm B, Dahdaleh N, Utz M, Gilles G.  Pulsatile spinal cord surrogate for intradural neuromodulation studies.  J Med Eng Technol.  2012 January. 36(1):22-5.

Wakisaka Y, Miller J, Chu Y, Baumbach G, Wilson S, Faraci F, Sigmund C, Heistad D.  Oxidative stress through activation of NAD(P)H oxidase in hypertensive mice with spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage.  J Cereb Blood Flow Metab.  2008 June. 28(6):1175-85.

Hitchon P, Wilson S.  Chapter 37. Unilateral Discectomy Through a Midline Incision.  2007. 

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