Continuing Medical Education

  • Current Membership

     Szot, Joe

    Joseph Szot, MD

    Committee Chair
    Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine
    Term: 8/22/2016-


    Nicholas Andresen

    Medical Student
    Term: Open

     Appenheimer, Stacey

    Stacey A. Appenheimer, MD

    Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
    Term: 7/1/2016-6/30/2019

     Edmond, Michael

    Michael B. Edmond, MD, MPH, MPA

    Chief Quality Officer and Associate Chief Medical Officer
    Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine—Infectious Diseases
    Term: Ex Officio

     El-Hattab, Yasser

    Yasser El-Hattab, MD, FRCA, MME

    Assistant Professor of Anesthesia
    Term: 7/1/2011-6/30/2017

     Erdahl, Lillian

    Lillian Erdahl, MD, FRCA, MME

    Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery
    Term: 7/1/2015-6/30/2018

     Fry, Randy

    Randy Fry, MBA

    Director of Operations Excellence
    Term: 5/1/2016-5/1/2019

     Giudici, Michael

    Michael C. Giudici, MD

    Professor of Internal Medicine—Cardiology
    Term: 7/1/2014-6/30/2017

     Gehrs, Karen

    Karen Gehrs, MD

    Clinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
    Term: 7/1/2015-6/30/2018

     Inampudi, Chakri 

    Chakri Inampudi, MD

    Associate, General Medicine Clinic
    Term: 7/1/2015-6/30/2018


    Lucas Lenhart, PA

    Physician Assistant, Interventional Radiology
    Term: 7/1/2015-6/30/2018

     Moritani, Toshio

    Toshio Moritani, MD

    Clinical Professor of Radiology
    Term: 7/1/2014-6/30/2017

     Noureddine, Lama

    Lama Noureddine, MD

    Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine—Nephrology
    Term: 7/1/2016-6/30/2019


    Tyler Olson

    Medical Student
    Term: Open

     Persoon, Tom

    Tom Persoon, MSIE

    Lean Management Engineer
    Term: 5/1/2016-5/1/2019

     Segar, Jeffrey

    Jeffrey Segar, MD

    Director, Division of Neonatology
    Professor of Pediatrics
    Term: 7/1/2016-6/30/2019

     Stockdale, Colleen

    Colleen Stockdale, MD

    Clinical Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
    Term: 7/1/2014-6/30/2017

     Van Heukelom, Jon

    Jon Van Heukelom, MD

    Professor and Assistant Program Director, Department of Emergency Medicine
    Term: 7/1/2014-6/30/17

     Vasquez, Leonel

    Leonel Vasquez, MD, FACR

    Clinical Associate Professor of Radiology
    Term: 7/1/2016-6/30/2019

     vos, susan

    Susan Vos, PharmD

    Clinical Associate Professor of Pharmacy
    Term: 7/1/2015-6/30/2018


    Allison Wynes, ARNP

    Nurse Practitioner, Internal Medicine
    Term: 7/1/2016-6/30/2019