• Past Workshops 2008

    Date Speaker, Institution/Department Workshop Title
    2/5/08 Shahram Khademi, Biochemistry, UI Structural and Functional Assessment of H. pylori Urea Channels
    2/19/08 Stuart Haring, Biochemistry, UI Replication Protein A: 'Traffic cop' for the cell
    2/26/08 Mike Feldkamp, Biochemistry, UI Structural and Thermodynamic Transitions of Calmodulin Induced by Drug-Calcium Linkage
    3/4/08 Theresa Gioannini, Inflammation Program; Biochemstry, UI The Baculoviral Expression System: Key to functional MD-2, a source of endotoxin:MD-2, the activating ligand for Toll-like receptor 4
    3/11/08 Keith Bryan, Biochemistry, UI Allele-Specific Effects of Human Deafness γ-Actin Mutations on Actin Function
    3/25/08 Bryce Plapp, Biochemistry, UI Alcohol Dehydrogenase Dynamics and Catalysis
    4/8/08 Dan Weeks, Biochemistry, UI Three Nkx2 transcription factors- in vitro predictions and in vivo functions in Xenopus
    4/15/08 Idil Evans, Biochemistry, UI Thermodynamic Selectivity of Calmodulin Binding to Neighboring Sites of L-type Calcium Channel Cav1.2
    4/22/08 Kris DeMali, Biochemistry, UI A role for vinculin in cell-cell adhesion
    4/29/08 George Dialynas, Biochemistry, UI Drosophila Lamins: Not Just Structural Components of the Nucleus
    9/9/08 Tam Frembgen-Kesner, Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. Iowa Simple Models of Molecular Flexibility and Their Application to Drug Design and Protein Folding
    9/16/08 Alexey Soshnev, Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. Iowa Context-specific effects of a Drosophila insulator on transcriptional regulation
    9/23/08 Claudio Margulis, Dept. Chemistry, Univ. Iowa Room Temperature Ionic Liquids, salts that can dissolve water and whole bananas
    9/30/08 Amit Choudhury, Dept. Anatomy & Cell Biology, Univ. Iowa Post-Golgi Trafficking of Membrane Rafts During Angiogenesis
    10/14/08 Marc Wold, Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. Iowa DNA-independent activities of Replication Protein A
    10/21/08 Ema Stokasimov, Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. Iowa A Tale of Two Sites
    10/28/08 Thomas Kislinger, University of Toronto
    Ontario Cancer Institute
    Global expression proteomics: Points to consider and biological applications
    11/4/08 Xiao Peng (5th Semester Seminar), Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. Iowa Vinculin in Epithelial Cell-Cell Adhesion
    11/11/08 Tyson Shepherd (5th Semester Seminar), Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. Iowa Structural and Biophysical Differences Between Two Homologous PDZ Domains
    11/18/08 Aaron Ver Heul (5th Semester Seminar), Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. Iowa The Molecular Basis of Pathway Selection and Signaling by the Innate Immune Receptor Nod1
    12/2/08 George Giudice, Dept. Dermatology, Univ. Iowa Biology and Pathology of Type XVII Collagen