• Biochemistry Undergraduate Awards

    Rex Montgomery Biochemistry Scholarship

    The Rex Montgomery Biochemistry Scholarship was established in 2014 and is sponsored by Dr. Rex Montgomery. This scholarship is awarded to one or more sophomore or junior Biochemistry majors. Awards are made based on academic qualifications, which include research activities. The purpose of this scholarship is to ease the recipient's financial load at the University of Iowa during his/her undergraduate education and research training. A call for applications will be posted early in the Spring semester. Applications will be reviewed by a committee of Biochemistry faculty. The names of the recipients will be announced in early May and receive a cash award.

    Eligibility criteria: All sophomore and junior biochemistry majors are eligible to apply for this internal scholarship. Students who have previously received a Montgomery Scholarship can apply for a second award.

     2016 Applications must be submitted as a single pdf file by 5:00 PM on Friday, March 11, 2016. 

     Email applications to  

     Click here to down load application form.  

    Year    Awardee Name Mentor
    2016 Emily Britt      Brandon Davies
    2016 Laura Fischer Marc Wold
    2016 Angela Zhang Jacob Michaelson
    2015 Maria Nunez Hernandez Madeline Shea
    2015 Mohammed Ismail Maria Spies
    2015 Nicholas McCarty Dale Abel
    2014    Grant Young      Lori Wallrath

    The Wittmann and Khorana Scholars

    The Professor H.G. Wittmann Scholar and The Professor H.G. Khorana Scholar Awards were established 2013 and are sponsored by Dr. Alap Subramanian. The awards are give to a male and a female undergraduate obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry with the highest achievement in Biochemistry courses. Awards will be announced at the Lata Honors Symposium held each Spring. Recipients will receive a certificate and have their names listed on plaque outside the Department of Biochemistry office.

    Professor H.G. Khorana Scholar Award
    Year    Awardee Name Mentor
    2016 Hannah K. Miller Todd Washington
    2015 Sarah L. Mayer Daniel Weeks
    2014    Lisa Golden Ernie Fuentes
    2013 Allyson Mayer Charles Brenner
    Professor H.G. Wittmann Scholar Award
    Year Awardee Name Mentor
    2016 Alexander J. Wolff Daniel Weeks
    2015 Alexander J. Hjelmaas Brandon Davies
    2014 Kyle Klingbeil Charles Brenner
    2013 Stephen Siemonsma Adrian Elcock


    Montgomery Biochemistry Scholar’s Prize

    The Montgomery Biochemistry Scholar’s Prize was established in 2014. This prize is awarded to a meritorious graduating senior in the Department of Biochemistry. The award is based on the student's research accomplishments and their presentation at the Lata Honors Symposium. The winner will be announced near the time of graduation and the recipient will receive a certificate and cash award.

    Year    Awardee Name Mentor
    2016 Mohammed Ismail Maria Spies
    2015 Liam Hovey Madeline Shea
    2014    Dagan Marx   Madeline Shea