• Past Seminars 2008

    Date Visitor Title Host
    1/31/08 Craig Mizzen
    University of Illinois-Urbana, Dept. Cell & Develop. Biology
    Regulation and Function of Histone H4-K20 Methylation Wallrath
    2/14/08 John Logsdon
    University of Iowa, Dept. Biology
    Sex, Cells: The Origin and Evolution of Meiosis (or, How Cupid Got His Genes) Wold
    2/21/08 John Kirby
    University of Iowa, Dept. Microbiology
    Chemosensory Regulation of Biofilm Formation in Bacteria Fuentes
    2/28/08 Karissa Carlson
    (PhD Thesis Seminar)
    University of Iowa, Dept. Biochemistry
    Translesion DNA Synthesis by Eukaryotic DNA Polymerases Eta and Kappa Washington
    3/6/08 Marisa Bartolomei
    University of Pennsylvania, Dept. Cell & Develop. Biol.
    Epigenetic Regulation of Genomic Imprinting Geyer
    3/7/08 Lukas Tamm
    University of Virginia, Dept. Molec. Physiol. & Biol. Physics
    Gate Keepers of Our Cells: Membrane Proteins in Ion Conduction, Synaptic Transmission, and Virus Entry  
    3/10/08 John Denu
    University of Wisconsin- Madison, Dept. Biomolec. Chemistry
    Histone epigenetics, protein acetylation and metabolic regulation  
    3/13/08 Jeannie T. Lee
    Harvard Medical School, Dept. Genetics
    X-chromosome inactivation: Sex, heterochromatin, pairing, and stem cells Geyer
    3/13/08 John York
    Duke University, Dept. Pharm. & Cancer Biol. and Biochemistry
    Insights into Inositol Phosphate Cellular Signaling Pathways  
    3/20/08 John Lee
    University of Iowa, Dept. Otolaryngology
    Loss of PTPN13 Induced by HPV Synergizes with Receptor Tyrosine Kinases to Result in Invasive Growth DeMali
    3/27/08 Jeff Peng
    Notre Dame, Dept. Chem. & Biochemistry
    Functional Motions of Modular Signaling Proteins Fuentes
    4/10/08 Jodi M. Nunnari
    Univ. California, Davis, Dept. Molec. & Cell Biol.
    The Machines that Divide and Fuse Mitochondria Rubenstein
    4/15/08 Thomas Smithgall
    Univeristy of Pittsburgh, Dept. Molec. Genetics & Biochemistry
    HIV Accessory Proteins as Targets for Anti-Retroviral Drug Discovery  
    4/17/08 Tomomi Kuwana
    University of Iowa, Dept. Pathology
    Investigation on Mitochondrial Outer Membrane Permeabilization (MOMP) in Apoptosis Khademi
    4/24/08 Lillian Chong
    University of Pittsburgh, Dept. Chemistry
    Atomistic Simulations of Natively Unfolded Proteins Elcock
    4/30/08 The 4th Annual Gene F. Lata Undergraduate Honors Symposium    
    5/1/08 Michael Cole
    Dartmouth, Norris Cotton Cancer Ctr
    MYC and Cancer: Transcription, Translation, and Wnt Price
    5/8/08 Carol Deutsch
    University of Pennsylvania, Dept. Physiology
    Kv Channels and the Ribosome: Tunnel Vision Elcock
    9/4/08 Karen Adelman
    Dynamic Interactions Between Nucleosomes and Stalled Polymerase D. Price
    9/11/08 James Bowie
    What Drives the Folding of Membrane Proteins? S. Khademi
    9/18/08 Rachel Buchsbaum
    Tufts University
    The Double Life of a Rac Exchange Factor E. Fuentes
    10/2/08 Enrique De La Cruz
    Yale University
    How Cofilin Breaks an Actin Filament P. Rubenstein/E. Fuentes
    10/9/08 Richard Kriwacki
    St. Jude's Children's Hospital
    co-sponsored with MCB Graduate Program
    How Flexible Proteins Regulate Cell Division and Apoptosis; Art, p27 and PUMA E. Fuentes/D. Quelle
    10/23/08 Sepedeh Khorasanizadeh
    University of Virginia Health System
    The Roles of Chromodomains in Epigenetic Regulations L. Wallrath
    10/30/08 Thomas Friedman
    TRIOBP Bundles Actin and Is at the Root of Deafness L. Wallrath/P. Rubenstein
    11/6/08 Liping Yu, Director
    UI Nuclear Magnetic Res. Facility
    Structural Studies of Biomolecules by NMR Spectroscopy M. Shea
    11/13/08 Jon Houtman
    Microbiology Dept. Univ. Iowa
    Investigating the Role of Grb2 in the Function of the Adaptor Protein LAT T. Washington
    11/20/08 Channing Der
    University of North Carolina
    co-sponsored with Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center
    Aberrant Ras and Rho GTPase Signal Transduction and Oncogenesis E. Fuentes/G. Wiener
    12/4/08 Barbara Panning
    University of California-San Francisco
    Epigenetic Regulation in Embryonic Stem Cells P. Geyer
    12/11/08 Andrea Duina
    Hendrix College
    Insights into the Mechanism of yFACT Association Across Transcribed Genes in vivo P. Nagy