• Past Seminars 2007

    Date Visitor Title Host
    1/18/07 Anne Dickson
    (PhD Thesis Seminar)
    Univ. Iowa, Biochemistry Dept.
    RPA32-DNA Interactions are not Essential for Growth and Viability in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Wold
    1/25/07 Brian Kay
    University of Illinois, Chicago
    Designer Peptide and Protein Afficnity Reagents Fuentes
    1/30/07 George Giudice
    Medical College of Wisconsin
    The Role of Type XVII Collagen in Autoimmune and Inherited Diseases of the Skin Donelson
    2/1/07 Darryl Granner
    (Carl Vestling Lecture)
    Vanderbilt University
    Inhibition of PEPCK Gene Transcription by Insulin: An epigenetic effect? Donelson
    2/8/07 Karen Allen
    Boston University
    Phosphoryl Transfer in the Haloalkanoic Acid Superfamily Ramaswamy
    2/20/07 Huiying Li
    From Genome to Gene Expression: Understanding Protein Interactions and Host-Pathogen Interactions Donelson
    2/27/07 Vitali Tugarinov
    University of Toronto
    Methyl Isotopomers as Sensitive NMR Probes of Protein Structure and Dynamics Rubenstein
    3/1/07 Brian Volkman
    Medical College of Wisconsin
    Sulfotyrosine Recognition and Protein Folding in Chemokine Signaling Ramaswamy
    3/8/07 Brian Van Ness
    University of Minnesota
    Genomic Profiling Cancer Risk, Disease Progression and Response Rubenstein
    3/13/07 Adrian Hegeman
    University of Wisconsin
    Expanding Metabolic Labeling for the Quantitative Proteomic Characterization of Mo  Donelson
    3/20/07 Thomas Leeper
    University of Washington
    NMR Structures of Essential Components of the Human Telomerase RNA Donelson
    3/22/07 R. Dyche Mullins (Co-sponsored with Mol. & Cell. Biology)
    University of California, San Francisco
    The Secret Life of Actin Rubenstein
    3/27/07 Charles Galea
    St. Judes Hospital
    The Role of Protein Dynamics in Biological Processes: Insights from NMR and Proteomics Donelson
    3/29/07 Laskshmanan K. Iyer
    Tufts University
    From Omics Datamining to the Discovery of Novel Cancer Targeting Agents Ramaswamy
    4/5/07 Jared Helm
    (PhD Thesis Seminar)
    Univ. Iowa, Biochemistry Dept.
    Differential Regulation of the MSP (GP63) Genes in African Trypanosomes Donelson
    4/10/07 Yingming Zhao
    UT Southwestern Medical Center
    Proteomics Tools for Systems Biology of Protein Modifications Donelson
    4/12/07 Frank Conlon
    University of North Carolina
    Pathways of Survival and Proliferation of Cardiac Progenitors Weeks
    4/13/07 Haining Zhu
    University of Kentucky
    Proteomic, Biochemical and Functional Studies of Neurodegenerative Disease ALS Donelson
    4/26/07 Kevin Gardner
    University of Texas Southwestern Medical Ctr
    PAS Domains: A versatile way to build a biological switch Fuentes
    5/3/07 J. Patrick Loria
    Yale University
    Biophysical Characterization of Functional Enzyme Motions Fuentes
    5/10/07 Paul Schedl
    (location: Kelch Conf. Rm, CBRB)
    Princeton University
    Boundary Elements and the Formation of Regulatory Domains Donelson
    8/30/07 Stephen B.H. Kent
    University of Chicago
    Chemistry of the Molecules of Life - Total Synthesis of Proteins for Biological Research  Khademi
    9/20/07 Mark Lagrimini
    (Carl Vestling Lecture)
    University of Nebraska
    Peroxidase: One Enzyme's View on Plant Growth and Development Donelson
    9/27/07 Jeffrey J. Hayes
    University of Rochester
    10/4/07 Daniel Schoenberg
    Ohio State University
    c-Src Activation of mRNA Decay: A new link between signal transduction and cancer? Price
    10/11/07 Colin Stewart
    Functional Architecture of the Nucleus in Development and Disease Geyer
    10/18/07 John Lis
    Cornell University
    10/25/07 Peter Burgers
    Washington University
    11/1/07 Susan Craig
    Johns Hopkins University
    11/8/07 Sharon Dent
    MD Anderson Cancer Center
    Function of Histone Modifying Enzymes Wallrath
    11/15/07 Anthony Persechini
    Univ. Missouri-Kansas City
    Calmodulin: A Context-dependent Molecular Switch Shea
    11/29/07 Danesh Moazed
    Harvard University
    Robert Stroud
    Univ. California, San Francisco, Dept. Biochem. & Biophysics
    12/13/07 Alessio Accardi
    University of Iowa, Dept. Molecular Physiology