• Past Seminars 2006

    Date Visitor Title Host
    8/31/06 Qiang Cui
    University of Wisconsin, Madison
    Long-range Proton Transfers in Biomolecules: an alternative to the Grotthuss mechanism? Elcock
    9/14/06 Montgomery Honorary Symposium    
    9/21/06 David Levens
    How the c-myc Promoter Works: the role of dynamic supercoiling in realtime feedback Price
    9/28/06 David Sept
    Washington University
    Molecular Mechanism and Allosteric Effects of Microtubule Drugs Elcock
    10/12/06 Mary Ann Osley
    University of New Mexico
    Histone Ubiquitylation and Transcription Wallrath
    10/19/06 Peter Mohler
    Univ. Iowa, Dept. Internal Medicine
    Dysfunction in Ankyrin-based Pathway for Ion Channel and Transporter Targeting and Human Arrhythmia DeMali
    11/2/06 Peter Flynn
    University of Utah
    A New Paradigm for Studies of Encapsulated Proteins Fuentes
    11/9/06 John Rosazza
    Univ. Iowa, College of Pharmacy
    Reductions of Carboxylic Acids by Aldehyde Oxidoreductase Requires a Phosphopanthetheinylated Enzyme Rubenstein
    11/16/06 Michelle Barton
    MD Anderson Cancer Center
    p53 Meets TGF-beta in Chromatin Modification Wallrath
    11/30/06 Michael Shogren-Knaak
    Iowa State University
    Elucidating the Effects of Histone Modifications on Higher-Order Chromatin Structure Wallrath
    12/7/06 Phoebe Rice
    University of Chicago
    Sin and Flp: Structural biochemistry of two very different site-specific DNA recombinases Ramaswamy
    12/14/06 Bryan Allen
    (PhD Thesis Seminar)
    Univ. Iowa, Biochemistry Dept.
    The Role of XNkx2 in Xenopus Cardiac Development Weeks