Anatomy and Cell Biology

  • Scientific Editing Service 

    Christine M. Blaumueller, PhD
    Scientific Editor and Writing Consultant

    Contact Information
    Phone: 319-335-8095
    Office:  6-470 Bowen Science Building
    Mailing Address: 1-402 Bowen Science Building 

    Save on writing time and improve the clarity and flow of your:

    • grant applications  Folder
    • research article submissions
    • scientific correspondence 
    • reviews and feature articles
    • book chapters   
    • meeting abstracts / posters / presentations
    • press releases 

    Choose from the following levels of service:

    • basic check for grammar,
    • suggestions toward improved clarity,
    • advice on style and presentation - toward most effectively highlighting the significance of the research.

    Input:  MS-Word-formatted or RTF-formatted document(s) submitted by e-mail to  

    Output:  Annotated copy of electronic text file (or annotated hard copy where requested), and further discussion on problem points is encouraged.