Usachev research talk highlighted by Pain Research Forum

Usachev retreat photo

The research presentation of Dr. Yuriy Usachev, Associate Professor of Pharmacology, at the annual American Pain Society meeting on May 2014 was among a select group of those from the meeting that was highlighted by the Pain Research Forum of the Harvard University Neurodiscovery Center. His presentation, entitled “Complement C5a-mediated mechanisms of inflammatory pain” described research in the Usachev laboratory into the role of the complement system, a key component of innate immunity, in inflammatory pain. Among studies described in the presentation were those in which a C5a receptor knock-out mouse was used to elucidate the mechanisms by which the proinflammatory complement fragment C5a mediates inflammatory pain. Key findings of the research described included the implication of macrophages, nerve growth factor and the TRPV1 ion channel in inflammatory pain mediation by C5a.

The full text of the recognition of Dr. Usachev’s talk by the Pain Research Forum can be accessed at: