Pharmacology Provides Home for Levitt Visiting Professor Roger Dampney

Dampney, Roger

The Department of Pharmacology has been happy to provide a home away from home for Helen C. Levitt Endowed Annual Visiting Professor Roger Dampney, Ph.D., D.Sc. of the Department of Physiology, University of Sydney from May through September 2014.  While Dr. Dampney’s visit is officially hosted by the Department of Neurology, he has been provided office space in Pharmacology.  Awarded by the Carver College of Medicine, the Levitt Visiting Professor award funds a research sabbatical for a distinguished scientist who will be hosted by a CCOM Department having a commonality of research interests and will actively engage in research and teaching activities therein.  The award provides salary, research funds and travel funds for the recipient.  Dr. Dampney’s application for the award was promoted by Drs. Allyn L. Mark and William Talman of the CCOM and the Departments of Neurology and Pharmacology.  In an interview, Dr. Dampney expressed his sincere appreciation for the award, and his gratitude to his colleagues here who have supported his nomination and facilitated his stay.

Dr. Dampney is a renowned researcher specializing in central nervous system control of the cardiovascular system.  He received his Ph.D. from the University of Sydney in Cardiovascular Physiology, did postdoctoral studies in what was then Cornell Medical College in New York City, and is now a Professor Emeritus of the University of Sydney.  His expertise in integrative/systems physiology nicely complements that of investigators here applying molecular approaches to the neural control of cardiovascular function.  Dr. Dampney has certainly taken advantage of the opportunities provided by the Levitt Visiting Professorship, and in turn has positively impacted the CCOM.  During his stay, he has interacted with numerous laboratories, including those of Drs. Grobe, Rahmouni, and Sigmund in Pharmacology and seven others throughout our institution, and has generously shared his expertise and scientific perspective.  The Levitt award also supported his travel to several outside institutions, including the Oregon Health and Science University, St. Louis University, University of Nebraska/Omaha, University of Virginia/Charlotte, and Wayne State University.  Dr. Dampney was accompanied to Iowa City by his wife, Dianne Dampney, and together they have extensively explored the Iowa City Community and surrounding area.  In concluding an interview, Dr. Dampney shared his appraisal of the scientific atmosphere at Iowa, saying it is quite unique in the quality of the collaborative interactions between clinical and basic science researchers.  The Department wishes to thank Dr. Dampney for his enthusiastic engagement in Departmental and Collegiate research activities throughout his stay.