Grobe named finalist for Goldblatt Award

Justin Grobe, PhD, assistant professor of pharmacology has been named a finalist for the American Heart Association’s Harry Goldblatt Award. Each year, three finalists are selected by the Council for High Blood Pressure Research’s Awards Committee. The Harry Goldblatt Award recognizes a new, independent investigator working in hypertension or cardiovascular research who has significantly contributed to the understanding of the causes of hypertension and related cardiovascular disease.

Grobe researches ways in which the brain renin-angiotensin system contributes to metabolic control on behalf of other systems. One focus is on the requirement of the brain renin-angiotensin system for leptin to mediate some of its metabolic rate and cardiovascular effects. 

Justin Grobe is being interviewed by Dr. Greg Fink, the Chair of the council and a former postdoc from Dr. Michael Brody's laboratory in the Department of Pharmacology.

 View a video of Justin Grobe, PhD, describing his research.


Story source: UI Carver College of Medicine website