Dr. Usachev receives Excellence in Medical Education Award

Usachev - Schwinn Excellence in Education Award

Dr. Yuriy Usachev was honored with an Excellence in Medical Education Award at the 2012 CCOM Medical Education Celebration Day.  The award is for his significant contributions to the teaching mission of the Department of Pharmacology.  According to Barry Kasson, Associate Chair for Education, “Yuriy never hesitates when asked to assist with teaching, has taken on several new sets of lectures over the past few years and has even learned, then taught, material that was considerably outside of his domain of expertise.  He has done more than his share of lectures for the past several years, always enthusiastically.  He has served as a facilitator for small group medical student learning and has lectured in our courses for medical students, dental students, pharmacy students, and PA students.  He lectures in several courses for graduate students and directs one of the core courses in our graduate curriculum, contributing a number of lectures in that course.”  Sigmund remarked that “Even with this citizenship, he has for many years maintained a highly active research program, has maintained and attracted new extramural funding, and has trained several graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in the laboratory.  His excellence in teaching in the classroom is paralleled by his excellence in teaching at the laboratory bench.”