• Predoctoral Fellowship Appointment Requirements

    The initial term of the appointment under no condition can be less than 9 months. Reappointment for one additional year is contingent on satisfactory academic performance, compliance with the conditions outlined below, and competitive renewal of our training grant.

    If appointed to this grant, the trainee is required to take or will have taken the following courses:

    • Principles of Pharmacology (1 sh spring, PCOL:5135) and Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics (1 sh spring, PCOL:5136).
    • Advanced Problem Solving in Pharmacological Sciences (1 sh spring & fall, PCOL:6250) (for 2 consecutive years even if alternative funding is obtained during this period). 
    • Basic Biostatistics and Experimental Design (1 sh fall, PCOL:5204)
    • Science Communication in the Digital Age (2 sh spring, GRAD:7500) and the associated workshop Careers Outside the Academy.

    Other requirements are:

    • Attendance at the Pharmacology Seminar (PCOL:6080) Thursdays 12:30-1:30 and, if announced, Tuesdays 10:30-11:30 during the academic year (for 2 consecutive years even if alternative funding is obtained during this period).
    • Presentation of your research as part of Pharmacology Seminar in the spring.
    • Participation in three catered luncheons each summer during which job placement, science ethics, and other issues relevant to students will be discussed.  Mentors of current trainees are required to attend as well.  
    • Attend and present a poster at the TG-sponsored annual mini-symposium or Pharmacology department research retreat, if held.
    • Presentation of a poster each spring at Research Week.  All past trainees are encouraged, but not required, to participate.
    • Responsible Conduct in Research training (online CITI and Principles of Scholarly Integrity course).
    • Successful comprehensive examination during or after the second year.