Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science

Students Receive Frank Hazelton Scholarship

Hazelton Family & Scholarship Recipients 2013

David Indovina and Jenna Sedlacek were the recipients of the Frank Hazelton Annual Scholarship given to an outstanding DPT2 and DPT1 student each year.  The Hazelton family, along with the award recipients, is presented in a picture taken after a luncheon hosted by the Hazelton family. 

Frank Hazelton (Certificate 1959; MA 1972) was a leader in the profession of physical therapy.  He was instrumental in organizing the successful effort to license physical therapists in Iowa (1965) and served on the first state licensure board.  He was president of the Iowa Physical Therapy Association from 1966-1968.  

In 2003, the Hazelton family supported the renovation of the Medical Education Building to develop the “Frank Hazelton Laboratory Classroom”.  Frank’s memory is alive and well each day as students work in the “Frank Hazelton Classroom” to develop the skills that Frank employed to improve the quality of life of his patients.  

Pictured:  Hazelton Family with 2013 Award Recipients

(first row: David Indovina, Marion Hazelton, and Jenna Sedlacek; second row: Jim Hazelton, Tom Hazelton, and Deb Wretman).