• Excellence in Quality Award

    Matthew Krasowski, MD, PhD

    The Pathology Clinical Laboratory Team was presented the Excellence in Quality Award at the Annual University of Iowa Physicians (UIP) Fall meeting on October 21, 2013. The award is given to an individual or team in recognition of outstanding quality of care provided to patients. Recipients will have demonstrated excellence in reportable measures of quality, benchmarked patient outcomes, or improvements in internally measured outcomes. Excerpts from the nomination form included:

    “I am greatly impressed by the high standard of quality and the culture of continuous improvement that pervades the laboratory.”
    “Personnel in every area are dedicated and enthusiastic contributors ‘in the background’ to facilitate excellent patient care.”
    “We are very lucky as an institution to have high quality leadership as medical directors.”
    “Multi-disciplinary efforts in tackling over- and multi-utilization of laboratory testing.”
    “Development of formulary and formal approval protocol for expensive mailout testing.”
    “Development of IRL clinical laboratory and phlebotomy team using Disney model.”

    The Pathology Clinical Laboratory Team received a recognition plaque that will be displayed in Pathology Administration. This is a testament to all managers, techs, medical directors, pathology faculty, support staff, IT professionals and whole host of other individuals who help the pathology operation run for our patients.