Wilson honored for excellence - Regents awards recognize contributions to public higher education

Wilson, Mary

Mary E. Wilson, MD, is one of six University of Iowa faculty members to receive the 2014 Regents Award for Faculty  Excellence.

Presented by the Iowa Board of Regents, the award honors faculty members for work representing a significant contribution to excellence in public education.

Wilson is a joint professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases in the Carver College of Medicine Department of Internal Medicine and the Department of Microbiology, with an additional secondary appointment in the Department of Epidemiology, College of Public Health.

Her research focuses on visceral leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease prevalent in many underdeveloped countries. The international, collaborative research program she has built serves as an inspiration for the next generation of basic and clinical scientists with interests in parasitology and international health, and contributes greatly to the strength of her division, departments, and colleges.

She has been a member of 55 doctoral degree committees and has mentored well over 100 students. Deeply committed to international study, she has sponsored dozens of students, residents, and fellows for international clinical or research rotations, and has hosted visiting students and scientists.

Her efforts have made an immeasurable contribution to the university’s international reputation. In 2010 she was appointed the UI Carver College of Medicine Professor of Global Health.