Iowa Institute of Human Genetics

Software Carpentry Boot Camp Sept. 5-6

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Software Carpentry is about gaining necessary tools for technical computing and the skills to wield them for greater productivity. Task automation, version control, Python and shell scripting, databases:  these are some of the tools that make our lives easier.  Software Carpentry is also an organization that has been training researchers in science, engineering, and medicine in these tools since 1998.

The University of Iowa is hosting a Software Carpentry boot camp on September 5-6. This boot camp is targeted at students, staff, and faculty who wish to learn these foundational software skills. It will be an intensive, hands-on experience that will consist of short tutorials interspersed with exercises. Participants will be encouraged to apply what they have learned to their own research problems during and between sessions.

Dates:  September 5-6
Times: 9am – 4:30pm
Location:  2520D UCC
Cost:  $20.00

Prerequisites:  some basic programming concepts (loops, conditionals, arrays, functions, etc)
Requirements:  Participants must bring a laptop with a few specific software packages installed (TBD)
Registration is now open through Eventbrite under the title:  University of Iowa Software Carpentry Boot Camp
Registration link:

 A list of the required software installations will be provided to participants a week or two before the boot camp.  Funding for this event is being provided by the University of Iowa Information Technology Services and by Iowa EPSCoR.  Contact Chris Schwarz at with questions or to serve as a helper/tutor at the boot camp.