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Stamou co-edits new book

Quality Improvment Cover

Sotiris C. Stamou, MD, PhD, assistant professor, is a co-editor alongside Kevin W Lobdell, of a newly published book, “Quality Improvement: Methods, Principles and Role in Healthcare (Health Care Issues, Costs and Access.)”

This book is a compendium from national and international thought leaders in health care quality. The aim is to provide readers with diverse and leading views in the burgeoning field of quality, safety, and value. Quality Improvement: Methods, Principles and Role in Healthcare compliments the seminal efforts of Avedis Donabedian and other pioneers in health care quality, with a current, state-of-the-art view. The book aims to stimulate thought and action to help patients and health care institutions provide high-performance and high-reliability health care on a foundation of rapid, institutional learning.