• Undergraduate Advising


    Freshmen entering the University of Iowa are assigned an advisor from the Academic Advising Center (AAC). AAC advisors are able to provide a broad perspective on many courses and majors. Students who declare biochemistry as a major are advised by biochemistry faculty after they have earned 24 s.h. (usually in the spring of the freshman year).  The advisor in biochemistry will advise on biochemistry coursework and make the final decisions about what coursework will be accepted for completion of the major.

    Students who have declared a pre-professional emphasis (e.g., pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy), will also have a Pre-professional Advisor in the AAC. 

    Each semester, students are expected to meet with their advisors to discuss courses for the upcoming semester. If biochemistry is your primary major, your advisor will also authorize you to register for classes. If you are a double-major, you may obtain authorization to register from another advisor, but you are encouraged to have a semi-annual meeting with your biochemistry advisor.

    To determine who your advisor is, please log into MyUI and select "student records" and "program of study and advisor."  To set up an advising appointment, contact the Undergraduate Coordinator (email:, and make sure to include the word “advising” in the subject line of your email. Please note that students are expected to use their University of Iowa email to request appointments.

    Biochemistry Undergraduate Advisors:

    Name     Office Telephone Email
     Marc S. Wold 
     Director of Undergraduate Studies & Honors Advisor 
    4-550 BSB 335-6784  
    Judy Means
    Undergraduate Coordinator 
    4-403 BSB  335-8993

    Advisor Signatures: Students often need to obtain signatures from their advisor on the Change of Registration form around academic deadlines. Signatures on this form will be obtained through the Undergraduate Coordinator. Please drop your form off in the Biochemistry office (4-403 BSB), and plan to pick it up the following day. Note that some changes to your schedule may require discussion with your advisor. If that is the case, the Undergraduate Coordinator will contact you. Please be aware that faculty may have professional obligations that take them off campus; plan ahead in order to obtain your signatures in advance of the deadline.