• Undergraduate Honors


    There are two ways to graduate with Honors at the University of Iowa. The first is to be a member of the University of Iowa Honors Program, and fulfill the requirements for University Honors. The second option is to earn Honors in biochemistry. All biochemistry majors, expecially those already conducting research in the department, are encouraged to pursue Honors in the major.

    Students who wish to earn Honors in biochemistry must maintain a GPA of 3.33 in the major, complete six semester hours of Research Independent Study (BIOC:4999), write an Honors Thesis summarizing this research, and present the research orally at a departmental seminar. The research project completed during BIOC:4999 will serve as the basis of a written paper (Honors Thesis) that should be suitable for publication in a scientific journal (actual publication is not required). Both the research and the paper are subject to the approval of the student's research advisor. Please be familiar with the Honors Program Guidelines regarding the thesis and note that the title page is to be signed by both the Honors Thesis Supervisor and the Biochemistry Honors Advisor.

    At the end of the Spring semester, students intending to graduate with honors are required to present their research orally at the Lata Symposium. Please contact the Undergraduate Coordinator, Judy Means, for more information about scheduling your Lata Symposium presentation.

    Honors Students are also eligible to do research under Honors Research Practicum (HONR 3200), before they have satisfied the prerequisites for BIOC:4999. Please see information about undergraduate research in biochemistry for more information about your research options.

    The Honors Program website is a useful tool for all students interested in pursuing Honors at the University of Iowa.  The website also contains information about scholarships - Rhodes, Dunlap and Goldwater, for instance - volunteer opportunities and enrichment activities. All Honors students are automatically added to the Honors Program listserv. Students on this listserv receive an email every Tuesday during the academic year with information updates, events, opportunities, and activities.

    For more information, or for answers to specific questions, please feel free to contact the Undergraduate Coordinator, Judy Means or the Honors Advisor, Dr. Marc Wold.