Anatomy and Cell Biology

Graduate students win travel awards

Graduate Students Win Travel Awards

Three of the six Molecular and Cellular Biology Retreat travel awards were presented to students in Anatomy and Cell Biology Laboratories. Christopher Groen (Tootle Lab) received an award for his outstanding poster studying how prostaglandin signaling regulates actin cytoskeletal dynamics using Drosophilaoogenesis as a model system. Scott Tyler (Engelhardt Lab) received an award for his outstanding poster focusing on identification of a modifier gene which enables mice with cystic fibrosis to survive gut obstruction at weaning. Andrew Spracklen (Tootle Lab) received an award for his oral presentation focusing on prostaglandins as temporal regulators of actin remodeling during Drosophila oogenesis. The winners were determined by peers and faculty. Congratulations to the recipients of the 2012 Molecular and Cellular Biology $400 Travel Awards!