• Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

    Bariatric Surgery

     The bariatric surgery team treats patients who are significantly overweight. Most individuals who are considered for surgical treatment are over 100 pound over their ideal body weight. Lifestyle changes are a necessary component of successful treatment, but bariatric surgery is also often valuable. Bariatric surgery experts discuss surgical options with prospective patients and outline their recommendations as well as their expectations.

     After bariatric surgery, it generally takes at least a year for an individual to lose their excess weight. As weight is lost, there is often redundant skin in various parts of the body that creates aesthetic as well as functional problems. Once maximal weight loss has been achieved, Plastic Surgeons can perform body contouring surgery to remove the excess skin. Different procedures are available for different parts of the body, and each patient has areas in which there have more or less excess tissue.

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