Office of Scientific Affairs

  • Carver Trust Collaborative Pilot Grants

    2012 Awardees

    Goodheart, Michael

    Dissecting the role of obesity in endometrial cancer via sleeping beauty

    Michael Goodheart, MD
    Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Adam Dupuy, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology

    Maury, Wendy

    Early innate immune responses to Chikungunya virus infection

    Wendy Maury, PhD
    Associate Professor of Microbiology

    Chioma Okeoma, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Microbiology

    Mezhir, James

    Transcriptome landscape of pancreatic cancer

    James Mezhir, MD
    Assistant Professor of Surgery

    Yi Xing, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine