Health Sciences Research Week

  • Eva L. Feldman, MD, PhD
    Russell N. DeJong Professor of Neurology
    Director, A. Alfred Taubman Medical Research Institute
    Director, Program for Neurology Research and Discovery
    University of Michigan
    "Metabolic Neuropathy and Cardiovascular Disease: The Chicken or the Egg?"

    Jens C. Bruening, MD
    Department of Mouse Genetics and Metabolism
    Director, Max Planck Institute for Neurological Research, Cologne
    "Neuronal Control of Metabolism"

    Morris J. Birnbaum, MD, PhD
    Willard and Rhoda Ware Professor of Diabetes and Metabolic Disease
    Institute for Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism
    Perelman School of Medicine
    University of Pennsylvania
    "The Regulation of Metabolism by Insulin and Glucagon"