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    Maheen Rajput, MD
    Maheen Rajput, MD
    Associate Director
    Eve Clark, MD
    Eve Clark, MD

    General Information

    The Medical Student Education Program of the Department of Radiology is active in all four years of the medical student curriculum, training not only future radiologists, but also future physicians of all specialties. We realize that most of our students will not be going into Radiology, but all of our students will be using radiology as a tool in the care of their patients. Our goal is to provide a firm grounding in the basic knowledge and skills of our field as well as instruction on how to interact with radiology and radiologists to get the most benefit for your patients.

    Opportunities for Students in the Carver College of Medicine

    Formal courses:

    Other opportunities:

    • Independent study in radiology – summer research program (between M1 and M2 years)
    • Radiology Externship  
    • Clinical Shadowing

    Opportunities for Students From Other Schools

    Students from other institutions are very welcome to join us for part of their education.  All of our courses are open to visiting students, based on space availability. Please see Opportunities for students of the Carver College of Medicine for course listings.

    If your home institution is LCME accredited, you may apply for full academic credit for your time with us. If your institution is not LCME accredited (most non-US medical schools and Osteopathic schools in the US) we cannot give academic credit.

    Transportation to and from The University of Iowa, as well as room and board while here, are the responsibility of the student. We do not offer grants or scholarships. For more information on our visiting student program, please see the Carver College of Medicine website at:

    Contact Information

    For further information, please contact

    Eve D. Clark, MD
    Director, Medical Student Education Programs

    Maheen Rajput, MD
    Associate Director, Medical Student Education Programs

    Nichole Jenkins
    Course Coordinator