Radiation Oncology

  • Patient Care

    Stereotactic Radiosurgery

    Careful consideration is taken to safely deliver radiation therapy to each patient seen within our department. Central to that care is a dedicated team of nurses, physicians, physicists, dosimetrists, and radiation therapists.

    We are able to treat adult and pediatric cancers of the brain; thoracic cavity; breast; prostate; head and neck; gastrointestinal; gynecological areas; and eye.

    Both more common external and internal beam treatments are prescribed to patients including:

    • Image guided radiation therapy
    • LDR (low dose rate) brachytherapy
    • IMRT (intensity modulated radiation therapy)
    • Steretotactic radiosurgery
    • HDR (high dose rate) brachytherapy
    • IORT (intra-operative) brachytherapy

    Some less common treatments for rarer types of cancer are also treated in the clinic.  These include:

    • Eye plaques to treat intra-ocular cancer
    • Total skin irradiation therapy (TSE) to treat mycosis fungoides.


    Many of our faculty members serve in multidisciplinary oncology clinics.