Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science

  • Employment Opportunity

    The Neurobiology of Pain Laboratory has a full-time postdoctoral scholar position available to study exercise-induced pain and analgesia.  Our overall research mission is to advance our understanding of the mechanisms underlying musculoskeletal pain and non-pharmacological treatments for pain.  The laboratory is translational performing mechanistic studies using animal models of musculoskeletal pain as well as clinical studies in people with chronic pain.  The current applicant will be involved with our ongoing studies examining the central and peripheral mechanisms underlying exercise-induced pain and analgesia in animal models of muscle pain.  The applicant will be part of a team of investigators studying animal models of pain and will have the opportunity to be involved in studies in human subjects if desired.

    Persons interested in postdoctoral fellowships in the Neurobiology of Pain Laboratory shoudl contact Dr. Sluka directly by email (