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Howard Jacob, PhD, to join HudsonAlpha

Alumnus of the department of pharmacology receives new position. HudsonAlpha announced the appointment of renowned clinical genomics expert Howard Jacob, Ph.D., as Executive Vice President for Medical...

Melanoma Research Alliance announces Robin Davisson as Presidenct and CEO-elect

Robin Davisson, PhD, Professor at Cornell University and alumnus of the department of pharmacology and a former faculty member in the Anatomy and Cell Biology department accepted a new position at the...

Supplement received for T32s

Stefan Strack, Professor of Pharmacology, together with Dan Eberl, Professor of Biology, and Susan Lutgendorf, Professor of Psychology, received an administrative supplement to their predoctoral train...

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12:30 pm-1:20 pm

Spivey Auditorium 2 BSB

Graduate Student Workshop

The Role of Complement in Nociceptive Sensitization

Charles Warwick
Graduate Student
The University of Iowa

Event Announcement



10:30 am-11:30 am

1117 MERF

Faculty Seminar

Kamal Rahmouni , Ph.D.
Associate Professor
The University of Iowa



4:00 pm-5:00 pm

1110 MERF

Distinguished Biomedical Scholar Lecture Series / Michael J. Brody Memorial Lecture

Repressor Mechanisms and Pathways to Disease

Gail Mandel , Ph.D.
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Vollum Institute
Oregon Health and Science University

Hosted by: Pharmacology Graduate Students

Co-sponsored by: The Carver College of Medicine