Research Day, Tuesday, October 19, 2010

    John W. Eckstein Medical Research Building (EMRB)
    Medical Education and Biomedical Research Facility (MERF)
    EMRB Atrium and 2117 MERF

    Our Fifth Annual Pathology Research Day held on October 19, 2010 was a chance for Pathology’s researchers to share their research topics, latest findings and knowledge about topics inherent to their daily work and career. The day included a full schedule of presenters covering a variety of research topics. Thirty two research posters were also displayed throughout the day

     Research day 2010 people  Research Day 2010 group of people

    Presentation Speakers and Titles (In order of presentation): 

     Leslie Bruch, M.D., Associate Professor - Surgical Pathology Competency Assessment Using Virtual Slides

    Sophie Arbefeville, M.D., Molecular Pathology Fellow - Genetic Relatedness of Methicillin Susceptible S. aureus (MSSA) Isolates Detected by the GeneXpert MRSA Assay

    Vlad Badovinac, Ph.D., Assistant Professor  - The Longevity of Memory CD8 T Cell Responses

     Sean Martin, B.A., Research Assistant II  - Bcl-2 Blocks Cell Death but Increases Oxidative Stress in SOD2 Deficient Thymocytes

     Michael Henry, Ph.D. , Associate Professor - Slow disease progression in a C57BL/6 Pten-deficient mouse model of prostate cancer  

    Sabrina Scroggins, Graduate Student - Generation of Regulatory Dendritic Cells As Therapy For Acute Graft-versus-Host Disease

    Dennis Firchau, M.D., Assistant Professor  - Primary Intimal Angiosarcomas

    Plenary Presentation:


    Peter Jensen, M.D., Professor
    Professor and Chairman of the 
    Department of Pathology at the 
    University of Utah

    Antigen Processing: How T cells see the world

    For more information, please contact: Nicole Louvar