Comparative Pathology Laboratory

  • Comparative Pathology Laboratory (CPL)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) What species do you evaluate?
    We can provide pathology service for nearly any species.

    2) Are you trained only in one organ System?
    Each pathologist has broad training in comparative aspects of most organs and systems. Even so, each pathologist may have professional interests in assessment of various organs.

    3) Can I get a support letter for a grant I am writing?
    CPL pathologists often write support letters as consultants and may serve as collaborators and co-investigators on grants. Please contact a CPL pathologist for more information.

    4) What eventually happens to my tissues and slides?
    Unless specifically requested to be returned to the PI, the CPL will store the materials for a set period of time and these stored materials may be used for pathology teaching purposes. Periodically the CPL will rotate out inventory and will contact the PI prior to discarding of materials.

    5) How do I submit tissues to the core?
    Fill out a CPL Sample Submission Form and submit to 260 MRC. CPL staff will contact you about your project.

    6) How long should I expect for the analysis of my tissues to take?
    Submission of tissues to the CPL core for histotechnology services (i.e. processing, embedding, staining, etc.) are placed into the queue and are processed on a first come first serve basis. Typical time from submission to completion for routine projects is <2 weeks. If tissues also require pathologist examination they are then submitted into the pathology queue on a first come first serve basis. The time frame for the pathologist examination varies according to case load and can be discussed at submission.

    7) How do I submit a sick animal or one that died in off hours?
    Please contact CPL pathologists to request a necropsy. If a mouse is moribund and requires euthanasia or is found dead after hours, then place the carcass in a bag and place into a cooler or refrigerator (i.e. DO NOT FREEZE) for submission the following work day.