• Histology Research Laboratory (HRL)


    Tissue Processing

     Auto tissue processor
    Processing of fresh, frozen and/or fixed tissues can be accommodated. Processing includes specimen handling, preparation, cassetting, mounting, machine processing, administrative, clerical, and overhead.

    Our automated tissue processor takes fixed tissues through a series of alcohols, xylenes, and paraffin wax, thus enabling the tissue to be thin sectioned for staining and microscopy.

    We also have a cryostat for frozen tissues.



    Tissue embedding station
    We have a dedicated tissue embedding station where, with the use of metal molds, processed tissue can be placed into permanent paraffin wax blocks.

    We will accommodate any special and/or specific embedding requests, whether it be embedding tissues on end or in a specific orientation as requested by the investigator or pathologist.




    Rotary microtome
    We have multiple rotary microtomes where our histotechnologists create thin tissue sections from fixed, processed paraffin-embedded tissues. Section may then be mounted on glass microscope slides for staining. Tissue may also be sectioned onto other devices or into the receptacle of the investigator’s choice.




    The HRL also has a cryostat that allows the operator to create thin tissue sections from unfixed, fresh tissue.

    We do perform specialty sectioning of tissues at the request of the investigator or pathologist which may include but is not limited sectioning through the entire tissue block to collect specific areas of interest.



    Histochemical Staining

    A complete variety of common tinctorial stains are available for use. If a special stain (e.g. not currently offered) is required, we will be more than happy to accommodate most requests.

    • Astra Blue/Vital New Red
    • Casella Reaction
    • Copper DMBR
    • Crystal Violet Acetate
    • Elastichrome
    • GMS
    • Gomori’s Green
    • Gram Stain
    • Luxol Fast Blue
    • Masson’s Trichrome
    • May-Grunwald
    • Modified Verheff Elastic
    • PAS with or without diastase
    • PAS Alcian Blue Method
    • Prussian Blue
    • Sirius Red
    • Von Kossa


    We offer a comprehensive variety of immunohistochemical stains for the detection of cellular markers for multiple species including mouse, rat, ferret, pig, sheep, human, etc.

    The HRL also specializes specifically in IHC techniques for research models, protocol development and protocol validation and optimization.