• Pathology Learning Center Overview

    The Pathology Learning Center (PLC)/Medical Research Facility (MRC) ITC is a support and resource center for teaching and learning with high volume public contact and year round curriculum development projects. Our goal is to provide a place where students and teachers can come together to study cases and exchange ideas, where students can have easy access to study materials, and where current curriculum issues are discussed. Faculty, residents, instructors, students and staff use the facility for course administration, small group meetings, independent study time, tutoring sessions, reference material library, microscopes, teaching slides, the latest software, and other curriculum related support. Primarily, the lab serves students and instructors in Pathology, but a variety of other departments frequent the lab as well. You do not have to be enrolled in a Pathology course to utilize this facility.

    Selected Student Comments

    The people at the PLC are awesome! They can answer our questions, fix problems, help us do things we need to do, etc.

    This is a wonderful resource. It is great to have such a supporting and helpful place to go and learn. The support staff for the course is great!