• Pathology Learning Center
    Instructional Technology Center

    The advantage of studying at the Pathology Learning Center (PLC) is the availability of computers, resource materials, microscopes, faculty and support people; and the benefit of working in an environment surrounded by others equally concerned with mastering pathology content.

    • 5 Windows PCs
    • 15 Two-head microscopes
    • 2 Five-head microscopes
    • 1 Microscope with video monitor
    • 5 computer classrooms with digital projector for hands-on instruction (seats 8-9)
    • One HP Laserjet printer
    • Wireless connection


    The PLC staff will happily help you access your HawkID. First time (or infrequent) users can stop by the window for assistance. We are aware that each student is required to maintain many usernames and passwords for current navigation. If you don’t remember your id, it’s not your fault; it’s a sign of the times.

    Laser Printing

    All UI students receive $10 free printing for the fall & spring semesters and $5 for the summer term. Additional printing is billed to a user's University Bill at the end of each month.