• Medical Student Education

    Externships (Post Sophomore Fellowships)

    Each year the Department of Pathology offers six one-year fellowships to medical students for training and experience in the department. This program is well suited for students who plan to enter fields other than pathology, as well as students with a specialty interest in pathology. Students must have successfully completed the Medical Pathology I and II courses and be in good standing in the Carver College of Medicine to be eligible for the program.

    This fellowship provides an excellent opportunity for students to consolidate their understanding of basic mechanisms of disease, normal and pathologic anatomy and effective use of the clinical laboratory. During the fellowship, students work closely with pathology faculty and residents while gaining first-hand experience in autopsy pathology, surgical pathology, clinical pathology, and teaching. Students develop case presentation and conference skills, and may collaborate on clinical research projects and publications. Students also facilitate a small group of allied health students in the Introduction to Human Pathology course.

    The typical schedule is divided into nine rotations, each lasting five to six weeks. These include two autopsy rotations, five surgical pathology rotations, and two elective rotations. Elective rotations are typically spent in other areas within the pathology department and/or pursuing a research project. However, other options for elective time may be evaluated on a case by case basis. Elective rotations must be approved by the externship director. Please see the “Description of the Rotations” for further details.

    The start date for M2 students will be near the end of June or beginning of July. Start dates for M3 and M4 students are typically in concordance with the academic calendar semester breaks in early January and July. There are 15 working days of vacation, no call, and an annual stipend of $24,000. Post-sophomore fellows are considered medical students within the Carver College of Medicine and thus their health insurance/benefits remain the same.

    Externship applications are solicited in the fall and may be obtained from the Pathology Learning Center (149 MRC) or the externship director. An informational luncheon in the PLC is scheduled for the fall semester with applications due in mid to late January. However, applications will be accepted and reviewed throughout the year if an externship position is unfilled. For more information, contact the externship director, Dr. Megan Samuelson.