• Frank A. Mitros Excellence in Teaching and Clinical Service Award

    Dr. Rosenthal receiving teaching award
    Pictured above left to right: Frank Mitros, MD and Nancy Rosenthal, MD

    Nancy Rosenthal, MD, Clinical Professor of Pathology was presented with the "Frank A. Mitros Excellence in Teaching and Clinical Service Award" at a recent faculty meeting. This award is presented annually to a clinical faculty member who provides outstanding performance in both the clinical and educational missions of the Department after nomination by peers.

    During the nominating process, one of Dr. Rosenthal's nominators wrote:
    "I nominate Nancy Rosenthal for this award. She is the perfect blend of knowledge, patience, and directivity that we should all strive for with our clinical teaching. Furthermore, she has worked tirelessly for the path department in the realm of medical student education.”

    The award was presented to Dr. Rosenthal by Dr. Frank Mitros himself, who said “Now, as to some of the reasons why Nancy has been recognized for carrying on this departmental tradition. She has one of the cardinal skills of an anatomic pathologist, the ability to teach at the scope effectively, with the gift of being able to engage all the various members of the multileveled group gathered there. She has the knack of recognizing those people who are learning and those who are not. She can adjust her approach in response to the situation and do this efficiently. She has been said to have excellent timing, allowing her to hit the “sweet spot” when those whom she is teaching are most receptive.

    Her clinical acumen is clear; when there is a tough marrow, she is recognized to be a superb “go-to” person, and our clinical colleagues recognize that. She is excellent at communicating her findings. It has been reported that on many an occasion such notoriously curmudgeonly clinicians {who shall remain nameless} have been known to charge into the lab as a roaring lion and leave as a gentle lamb!”

    We are thankful and honored to have such a valued clinician and teacher working alongside us.

    Congratulations, Dr. Rosenthal!