• Frank A. Mitros Excellence in Teaching and Clinical Service Award

     Dr. Robinson receiving teaching award

    Pictured above left to right: Frank Mitros and Robert Robinson

    Robert Robinson, MD, PhD, Professor of Pathology was presented with the "Frank A. Mitros Excellence in Teaching and Clinical Service Award" at a recent faculty meeting. This award is presented annually to a clinical faculty member who provides outstanding performance in both the clinical and educational missions of the Department after nomination by peers.

    The award was presented to Dr. Robinson by Dr. Mitros himself, who said "Bob, you are truly deserving of this recognition for all that you have done for the members of this department, the medical school, and the community".

    During the nominating process, one of Dr. Robinson's nominators wrote:
    "I’d nominate Bob Robinson.

    Clinical Mission:
    Obviously an expert in Head and Neck Pathology but I also consider him the best anatomic pathologist in our Department. You can consult him on virtually anything including zebra cases at any general surgical path site, an unusual autopsy finding, cytology, derm, immuno workup, and molecular tests that might be helpful. Despite his heavy clinical workload and administrative duties, he is efficient…he gets his cases signed-out and doesn’t leave his patients/clinicians/clients waiting in the lurch for his diagnosis. As far as dealing with sticky situations, he has the best approach I’ve seen as a junior faculty. He is calm, professional, and says the right things that pretty much always defuse the situation.

    Educational Mission:
    I think residents/fellows consider him one of their favorite faculty to sign-out with on service. He teaches in a variety of courses in addition to his usual great teaching at the scope and in Surg Path/Cyto conferences. He always has useful advice when we are evaluating residents/fellows. He is stepping up to take over as Surgical Pathology Director with Barry’s departure. Oh, and he wrote a Head and Neck book that our residents use everyday…

    I can’t think of anyone more deserving in our department."

    Congratulations, Dr. Robinson!