Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery


    Management of the Tinnitus Patient Course

    Agenda Iowa Tinnitus Schedule (1-12-15)

    All lectures are held in the Otolaryngology
    Alumni Conference room, 21271 Pomerantz Family Pavilion
    Elevator L, Level 2


    2015 Guest Speakers

     Guest of Honor:

    Robert Dobie, MD
    University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
    Research Needs for Understanding and Treating
    The Value of  Tinnitus: Causation and Compensation Litigation


    Special Presentations

    Carol Bauer, MD
    Clinical trials of counseling and sound therapy

    Tom Brozoski, PhD
    New insights from animal models

    Claudia Cohlho, MD
    Somatosensory Modulation of Tinnitus
    Hyperacusis in Children 

     Jennifer J. Gans, PshD
    Mindfulness-Based Tinnitus Stress Reduction 

    Cara James, Executive Director
    How can the American Tinnitus Association Help You?

     Shelley Witt, MA
    Tinnitus Activities Treatment

    Rich Tyler, PhD
    Treatment for Loudness and Annoyance Hyperacusis
    Measuring Tinnitus
    Electrical Stimulation of the Cochlea and Brain for Tinnitus

    Catherine Woodman, MD Psychiatrist
    Psychiatric Evaluation and Treatments

    Aniruddha Deshpande, PhD, Audiologist
    Fitting Hearing Aids and Comfort Sound Generators
    For Tinnitus Evaluation and Treatments

    Italo Medeiros, MD, Neurologist
    Effective Somatosensory Treatments
    Vestibular Links to Tinnitus


    University of Iowa Faculty

    Shelley Witt, MA- Audiologist
    Marlan Hansen, MD- Neurotologist
    Rich Tyler, PhD- Audiologist
    Catherine Woodman, MD- Psychiatrist