Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery

  • Basic Science Course

    Anatomy Agenda

    Robert Morecraft, PhD of the University of South Dakota, will present lectures in the morning and early afternoon, with lab sessions following the lectures series.  Sue-Ann Thompson, PhD, will also assist in the lab.

    The head and neck is divided in to 14 distinct regions for dissection and a thorough lecture precedes each practical component. During dissection students are assigned approximately two to a cadaver for the practical, however they are welcome to dissect after hours as well.


    All lectures are held in the Otolaryngology Clinic, 21291 Pomerantz Family Pavilion, Elevator L, Level 2
    Alumni Conference room, 21271 PFP



    What to Bring

    • Anatomy textbook of your choice, textbooks used are Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy or Clinically Oriented Anatomy
    • Laptop
    • Change of Shoes- you will NOT want to wear flip flops in the lab
    • Sweater or sweatshirt for the lecture room and a long sleeve t-shirt for lab


    Students sit ONE multiple-choice examination at the end of the two week course.