Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Women’s Reproductive Health Research Career Development Center

    Clinical-Epidemiological Research Track

    Based on the initial assessment of the Research Director and following discussions with the admitted scholar and his/her potential mentors, the Research Director will recommend that a new scholar entering the Clinical-Epidemiological track be classified as a Level 1 or Level 2 Scholar. Scholars in Level 1 are those without previous formal training in clinical research. Level 2 scholars will be individuals with previous research training many of whom may have already earned an MPH or equivalent.

    Scholars appointed to this track can choose a mentor from the following list:

    • Catherine Bradley, MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology
    • Gary Rosenthal, MD, Internal Medicine
    • Elaine Smith, PhD, Epidemiology
    • Scott Stuart, MD, Psychiatry

    Track 2 builds upon the training opportunities provided by the University of Iowa College of Public Health (CPH), an institution with an outstanding national reputation in public health investigation (described in more detail in the Resources and Environment section of this application). The CPH offers a variety of programs and degrees within its five departments; the most pertinent to the WRHR are the Maternal, Child and Family Health and the Epidemiology Programs. MS, MPH, and PhD degrees as well as certificates in advanced studies can be pursued by scholars in Track 2, depending upon their individual interests.

    Track 2, Level 1

    Track 2 Level 1 scholars must complete the Certificate in Public Health. Scholars are expected to commence a clinical or epidemiologic research project in women’s reproductive health under the direction of their mentor within the first six months of entrance into the program. Course work will be ongoing for many scholars through the first two years of the program. Upon completion of the Certificate in Public Health, the scholar may choose to concentrate entirely on their research project or may elect to pursue additional coursework towards advanced degrees, as described below. Track 2 Level 1 scholars will also attend the CPH Summer Institute to earn additional credits towards completing the Public Health Certificate. Track 2 scholars who then wish to continue their studies towards the M.P.H. in Maternal, Child and Family Health or Epidemiology can apply these credits.

    Track 2, Level 2

    For advanced Level 2 scholars entering the WRHR Track 2 after substantial preliminary training, both an MS and a PhD in Epidemiology are available through the different programs offered by the University of Iowa College of Public Health (CPH).

    Timelines and Schedules

    Throughout their appointment WRHR scholars will also attend and participate in the Iowa WRHR lecture series, as well as professional development meetings. A more complete timeline for years 1-5 highlights these additional requirements, the pathway to independent research and grant preparations as well as the period research presentations and performance evaluations. Flexibility is central to our program, however, and each scholar’s needs and requirements will be individually assessed, initially by the Research Director, and secondarily by the Internal Advisory Committee.