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    Research by Faculty Member

    Last Name, First Name Research Initiative
    Adams, Harold P CLEAR III Clinical Trial
    Anderson, Steven Frontal lobe dysfunction
    Aul, Edward  
    Barrash, Joseph  
    Bassuk, Alex  
    Bonthius, Dan  
    Campbell, Kevin P Muscular dystrophy
    Davidson, Beverly L Mechanisms of neurodegeneration
    Denburg, Natalie Decision making in older adults
    Dyken, Mark Sleep apnea
    Stroke and sleep apnea
    Fattal, Deema  
    Froehler, Michael  
    Granner, Mark  
    Hayakawa, Minako  
    Howard, Matthew Cortical mechanisms of epilepsy
    Im, Kyoung Bin  
    Jones, Robert  
    Joshi, Charuta EEG monitoring in children
    Kimura, Jun  
    Kitazaki, Satoshi Smart homes
    Lee, Amy  
    Leira, Enrique Physiological monitoring of stroke
    Mathews, Katherine Children's muscular dystrophy
    Narayanan, Kumar Cognitive symptoms of Parkinson's
    Napoulos, Peggy Structural changes in Huntington's disease
    Paige, A L Imaging in epilepsy
    Paulsen, Jane Cognition in Huntington's disease
    Pieper, Connie L Traumatic brain injury
    Richerson, George B Control of breathing and arousal
    Sudden death in epilepsy
    Rizzo, Matthew Driving in older adults
    Rodnitzky, Robert  
    Russo, Andrew Mechanisms of migraine
    Schultz, Susan Imaging of Alzheimer's
    Shim, HyungSub  
    Shivapour, Ezzatollah  
    Shy, Michael E Neurogenetics of neuropathy
    Smoker, Wendy Rue  
    Swenson, Andrea  
    Talman, William Autonomic control of blood pressure
    Thomsen, Teri  
    Thurtell, Matthew Biology of nystagmus
    Tippin, Jon
    Tranel, Daniel Neuropsychology and neuranatomy of complex behavior
    Uc, Ergun Parkinson's and driving
    Waldron, Eric J  
    Wall, Michael Visual field function
    Werz, Mary  
    Wessel, Jan (incoming Fall '15) Cognition in goal directed behavior
    Yamada, Thoru  
    Yeh, Malcolm
    Zaheer, Asgar Growth factors in MS