• Research by Division / Disorder

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    Division/Disorder Investigator  Initiative / Interest
    Alzheimer's Disaease Susan Schultz Imaging of Alzheimer's
    Autonomic Dysfunction George Richerson Sudden Death including SUDEP and SIDS
    Cerebrovascular Disease Harold Adams  Blood clots and intraventricular hemorrhage (CLEAR III Study)
      William Talman
    Autonomic control of blood pressure
      Mark Dyken  Stroke and sleep apnea
      Enrique Leira  Physiological monitoring of stroke
    Epilepsy LeBron Paige  Imaging in epilepsy
      George Richerson
    Sudden death in epilepsy (SUDEP)
      Matt Howard Cortical mechanisms of epilepsy
      Joshi Charuta  EEG monitoring in children
    Headache Andrew Russo  Mechanisms of migraine
    Neurodegenerative Disease Kumar Narayanan Cognitive symptoms of Parkinson's disease
    Neuromuscular Medicine Michael Shy  Neurogenetics of neuropathy
      Kevin Campbell  Muscular dystrophy
      Katherine Matthews  Children's muscular dystrophy
    Movement Disorders Peggy Napoulos  Structural changes in Huntington's disease
      Jane Paulsen  Cognition in Huntington's disease
      Kumar Narayanan Cognitive symptoms of Parkinson's disease
      Beverly Davidson  Mechanisms of neurodegeneration
      Ergun Uc  Effects of Exercise on Parkinson's disease
    Memory Disorders Susan Schultz  Imaging of Alzheimer's
      Andrew Pieper  Traumatic brain injury
    Neuro-Ophthalmology Michael Wall  Visual field function
      Matthew Thurtell  Biology of nystagmus
    Cognitive Disorders Steven Anderson  Frontal lobe dysfunction
    Neuropsychology Natalie Denburg  Decision making in older adults
      Daniel Tranel  Neuropsychology and neuroanatomy of complex behavior
      Matthew Rizzo Driving in older adults
      Satoshi Kitazaki  Smart homes
    Sleep George Richerson Control of breathing and arousal
      Mark Dyken  Sleep apnea
    Multiple Sclerosis Asgar Zaheer Growth factors in MS