Magnetic Resonance Research Facility

  • Contact Information

    Main Contact Numbers

    • MRI Front Desk - 0400 JCP
    • Research Dedicated Trio 3T - L169 MERF
    • Research Dedicated Avanto 1.5T - 0400 JCP
    • Shared Trio 3T - 0400 JCP

    Research Facility Personnel



    • Vincent Magnotta, PhD
    • Director, MRI Research Facility
    • Associate Professor, Radiology
    • New Project Submissions; Scanner Information
    • 319-356-8255




    • Daniel Thedens, PhD
    • MR Physicist & Co-Director, MRI Research Facility
    • Assistant Professor, Radiology
    • Body/Cardiac/Orthopaedic
    • 319-356-1591








    • Autumn Craig, RTR
    • Research Assistant II, MRI Research Facility
    • MR Research Technologist
    • 319-335-8706





    • Greg Pickett
    • Program Manager, MRI Research Facility
    • Scheduling & Billing
    • 319-384-3026



    Alan Stolpen


    • Alan Stolpen, MD, PhD
    • Co-Director, MRI Research Facility
    • Associate Professor, Radiology
    • Body/Cardiac Imaging
    • 319-353-8656



     Maps and Directions

    The MR Research Facility is located in the teal Medical Education and Research Facility (MERF) building on Newton Road. It is accessible from the first floor of the General Hospital by walking outside, or it is accessible from the second floor by walking through the Medical Laboratories and skywalk. Below you will find several printable maps to point you in the right direction...

    Directions: General Hospital First Floor to MRRF (Walking Outside)

    Directions: General Hospital Second Floor to MRRF (Walking Inside)

    Map of the Larger Hospital Complex

    Road Map