Molecular Otolaryngology and Renal Research Laboratories

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  • Genetic Hearing Loss

    OtoSCOPE provides comprehensive genetic testing for all genes implicated in non-syndromic hearing loss, Usher syndrome, and Pendred syndrome.  An Usher Syndrome Panel is also available.

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  • Genetic Renal

    The Genetic Renal Panel attempts to determine the genetic cause of patients diagnosed with TMAs (aHUS) or C3Gs (DDD/C3GN); in the past this required multiple tests, the Genetic Renal Panel accomplishes the same objectives with one.

  • Complement Assays
  • Complement

    The MORL offers unique and specific assays for several complement-mediated diseases (C3GN, DDD, aHUS) to define complement profiles as an aid to patient care.

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  • What does it mean to get your testing done at the MORL?

    • Your results are discussed at a multidisciplinary meeting.
    • Your testing is done in the Clinical Division of the MORL by scientists who lead the world in the human genetics of deafness and complement-mediated renal diseases.
    • Your testing is the most comprehensive clinical testing available.