• Graduate Student Curriculum

    The curriculum consists of courses that provide instruction in the conceptual and methodological aspects of microbiology. Students are expected to obtain considerable knowledge in the subdiscipline of microbiology through intensive research. They will also acquire knowledge in other areas of microbiology or in an area of biochemistry, chemistry, or molecular biology in which courses are offered by other departments or programs.

    The program of study must include a minimum of 10 semester hours of approved courses. In addition, students admitted without having taken certain courses, such as biochemistry, equivalent to courses required for an undergraduate major in microbiology at The University of Iowa, will be directed to complete appropriate course work during the first year of graduate study. Representative courses offered by the Department of Microbiology include:

    • Microbial Genetics
    • Microbial Physiology
    • Survey of Immunology
    • Graduate Immunology
    • Bacterial Diversity
    • Pathogenic Bacteriology
    • Introduction to Animal Viruses
    • Biology and Pathogenesis of Viruses
    • Advanced Topics in Prokaryotic Biology (offered as modules)

    Students often enroll in courses offered in a variety of other departments. The on-line catalog for Microbiology is located at http://www.registrar.uiowa.edu/registrar/catalog/medicine/microbiology/.